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Congrats everyone! Awesome spotlight ZB.

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Hey, old friend. It was finals week for me and a lot of projects at Anime Vice due to being a wiki mod. Oh my mistake. I was looking the Gdoc just in case for anything missing. I will vote.

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Added Noragami. My mistake. Thanks for pointing it out.

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@dochaus: @tobbrobb:

Tonari Seki kun is there. I did do lots of checkings. I do make mistakes.

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Congrats everyone!

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For me personally, it was both wiki editing and trying new video game recommendations from friends.

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The 1992 LA riots were very different by the way. The Rodney King case went to trial and the officers who beat King were acquitted from any wrongdoing. The case seemed like an open and shut case to most thanks to the now infamous video footage of the beating. So when the officers were getting off with no punishment the community were angered and decided to riot. The riots in such a large city quickly expanded and soon people were taking advantage of the situation to riot themselves.

Ferguson isn't LA and the situations are very different.

If I recall correctly, there was more than one cause. The shooting and death Latasha Harlins by a Korean market owner direct some of the riots at Korean owned businesses as well. I believe the community felt her punishment was too lenient.

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In my experience, I made friends with my neighbors during middle school. It was through the N64 era. Nowadays, I play games with family since I moved around a lot. My roommates don't play games or watch anime or meet anyone who have the same interests as me. That's why I have Anime Vice and Giant Bomb to fill the void.

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Great read. Don't have a lot to add to the analysis. School Days was a bad show that I actually enjoyed seeing how it ties to SIM games. Plus, it was unique. So far, no other anime I watched had a grueling ending like that. Enjoy how you put your twist on video games and their endings. Is Chie your favorite girl in Persona 4?

I never played Persona 4 or Mass Effect yet, but bad video game endings, I first saw them in Silent Hill. Well, maybe they weren't bad, but they had a variety of endings which increases replay value. The last time I got a bad ending or you could call it normal ending was in in FFXIII-2. Don't want to spoil folks, but damn, they had to kill her. When I thought I unlock the true ending, it still happens. It toyed with me a bit.