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I remember @damswedon was talking about this Link debate on Twitter. I was confused why it came about. I didn't get to see Microsoft's E3. Saw Sony E3, and I would be impressed if I had a chance to play those prequels to the games they showcased. I'm not much of an avid gamer because my PS3 library is full of JRPG games. I'm looking forward to Hyrule Warriors and the news Smash Bros game. Finally got something to play on the Wii U. All I had was Pikmin 3, a good game but too short, and Super Mario 3D World.

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@hunter5024: @hailinel:

They would never drop Marth in favor of another Fire Emblem character. Marth is the poster boy of the franchise. Anyone that thinks Lucina would be an OK replacement for him don't know Fire Emblem well enough.

I agree with Hailinel on this. With Marth being introduced in Melee, he help introduce Fire Emblem games outside of Japan. It was a success. I was surprised they brought Ike back instead of using the Awakening characters.

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Transformers: Age of Extinction - if it has Dino Bot, the one from Beast Wars, I'll check it out.

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Congrats everyone!

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Kingdom Hearts was my gateway drug to the Final Fantasy franchise. I bought Kingdom Hearts as late Christmas gift to my dear little sister. It was a long time since I sat down and play games with family. Seeing her like the FF7 characters especially Cloud. I have no idea why I started playing Final Fantasy with Lightning's game while my sister started out with FF7. I remember her reason, but not my reason, oddly enough. I think it was because I heard Lightning was Cloud's female equivalent. I wanted a similar experience in engaging a Final Fantasy game with my little sister even though we ended up playing two different games.

I could only read the conclusion to avoid spoilers, and I see you really love the game. I share the same way. I wish I had time to play the 2nd and 3rd game in Lightning's trilogy. At first, Lightning's game confuses me because most of the backstory was in the logs. I didn't read them because I thought they weren't necessary. The characters were the main appeal to me. They grew on me. The combat system was unique because I mainly played RPG games particularly JRPG that were turn based. It was like a fish out of water experience for me. I died so many times in Lightning's game. I really sucked at the game, but I still like it.

Without spoilers, how are the 2nd and 3rd game compare to the 1st game? I heard a lot of mixed reactions.

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Sorry for the late reply. I'm not used to the notification system. I prefer getting PMs instead of notifications. I just saw an e-mail about your comment and others in my spam folder.

Thanks! Let me know if you have questions or any suggestions. We experimenting with CSS, code, and templates. In Giant Bomb, you guys don't use code because everything's automated. It's such a strange transition for everyone who worked in the Former Whiskey Media's wiki pages. Be sure to talk to @djames216 because he's one of the Screened's best wiki editors and he's more closer to Giant Bomb folks than me. I"m more Anime Vice/Comic Vine/Screened (Stacy and FinalDasa period) oriented.

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Congrats everyone! I wish I could visit PAX at least once. Time to hit those PAX blogs.

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I better check the Fire Emblem wiki page. I didn't back up any of the wiki pages.

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Yeah, this game is pretty addicting. When I was in the Leaf Green gen, I sunk like 200 hours in it. I thought I retire from the Pokemon craze. It was cool seeing my youngest bro took up Pokemon Black while my sis took up Y. I felt left out, so I got X. I got beat bad, but it's fun playing Pokemon with folks. I ran in some folks who notice me playing Pokemon. They get all nostalgic on me. It was cool hearing them talk about Pokemon. Some gave me tips on X since I haven't been updated. The game mechanics changed a lot since Leaf Green. X felt really easy since leveling up was too easy.

This franchise is pretty magical. Even you're in your 20's or 30's, you can't help smiling and talking about Pokemon.