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My girlfriend loves these movies, and before her I had never seen them, so she is making me watch 1-6 before the 7th movie comes out next week. Just finished Tokyo Drift last night, and man that one was weird. So far I am super confused by the Fast and the Furious franchise. The movies are entertaining but they have a lot of bad parts, bad acting, bad story pieces, but damn if there isn't some kind of weird charm to them pulling me in deeper. I'm excited to see 4 today and get to 5, I really wanna see The Rock's character.

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I just beat him this evening, and how it did it was kinda cheap feeling, but he destroyed me so many times I don't feel bad. I just abused items I hardly used the whole game. 20 throwing daggers? At his face. 10 Molotovs? At his face. Two cannon shots to put him on the ground to give me a few hits on him. Otherwise it was me getting some lucky dodges. I still don't know how to do visceral attacks well on anything, so I had to result to jamming the Circle button.

Good luck duder. That guy is a pain! But if you go for the secret ending boss, know it's much easier in comparison!

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Just did the secret ending apperently, which was nice! Man the Gehrman fight was hard for me, i used every item that did damage to that guy. The final boss was a joke though, i didn't have much trouble with that guy.

In true souls fashion, I have no idea what to make of the story. Was that thing at the end the doll picks up me? Im so confused.

Fun game

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@doctordonkey: You only need 3 of those items, and there are 4 in the game, so you'll be ok still.

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Interested to see the discussion on Vicar in this forum, I would not have thought she would be one of the trickier bosses for people. I killed her the second attempt, and my first attempt was purely my error of controller input...a realllly bad dodge. I also never saw her heal, but the axe weapon transformed tends to stagger most bosses at points, so I think I just staggered her out of it without even knowing it. I find these giant bosses the easiest types in Souls games, just hug the legs and swing heavy attacks until they die.

Insight wise...I was at 15+ from pretty much the get go, so I'm assuming I've been facing the tougher version of enemies for most the game. I'm super curious to see if anything feels easier, so I'll probably start a fresh character alongside my NG+ playthrough.

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How much insight do y'all think is the "cap" for either difficulty or seeing the..."things"

I'm sitting around 50 and not sure if I should stockpile more or if I'm ok and can spend the excess. I don't mind the difficulty ramp, and wanna be able to witness all the crazy this game has to offer.

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I had enough HP to survive the encounter, so I went back a few more times to see what was up...

Still totally confused. Celestial gods? This game is awesome and strange as all hell

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@krullban: I don't know how to base bosses I've fought in Chalice dungeons compared to the main game, but in there I have fought a TON of smaller, SUPER agile and aggressive bosses. They are super tough and thus far have all been really creative. There have been a few along those lines in the main game where I am at ( I have killed 5 bosses thus far), but yeah there have been some HUGE bosses the just spin a lot.

But damn do they all look cool

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Hooray! Super excited to have a reason to use my PS4! Glad these people and other's really like it.

Patrick seems to realllly like it, and after watching him go through the other Souls games, that is a good sign.

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@frostyryan: Borderlands 1: First person shooter with rpg elements and Diablo style loot system.

Borderlands 2: First person shooter with rpg elements and Diablo style loot system