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Just got my first hero to 60 (Human Torch) and would love to be apart of the guild! Not sure if next I should focus on gearing or another hero for Synergy, but would love to play with other duders and raid, when ready.

IGN: Takayama

Steam: Takayamasama

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@angus_lafroy: Thank you very much for these, this is super useful as someone who has just started this game a few days ago! The game seems freakin fantastic.

The EPIC12 was the only code on the current list (July 6th) that was expired.

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Seems like it is more of a game then Half Life 3

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A Yu-Gi-Oh thread? Been so long I don't know what I can add to it.

A YGOTAS thread? Now that I could talk about for days. LittleKuriboh is a genius.

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I find it hard to hate free things. If I find it not to be my cup of tea, nothing was lost but some time, and experimentation is good.

However, Hearthstone is totally my cup of tea. Love the hell out of it. Also love Magic, and played it quite intensely over the years, but personally I don't feel you can compare the two. Hearthstone is neat since it's comes off as simple, but is deceptively deep use you learn the pace/cards/nuance of everything.

Also, again, free. Like, no money needed...at all. Magic drained some major cash from me over the years, thus why I finally gave it up.

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So for those wondering who did it and how...

Pay attention to Sansa's necklace during the chapel wedding scene. Specifically her upper left most jewel (Sansa's left, our right). They do a good job keeping it almost out of camera, but in the scene were she remarks to Tyrion "We have a new Queen" you can see it currently there. Fast forward to wedding celebration, and The Queen of Thorns comforting Sansa. You see her fiddle with one of the gems on the necklace after quickly handling her hair. Next scene where we get a frontal view of Sansa, the upper left gem is gone. It makes sense, seeing that The Fool gave her the necklace, and at the end of the commotion is shown to clearly be playing some part in the scheme of things (the scheme being one of my favorite things in the series).

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Kingpin. All that needs be said

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I got completely stuck at the end of Dragon Aerie, The last drawbridge leading to Dragon Shrine. I wasnt aware you had to book it, and since the camera gets special, I thought you had to have a certain item to not have a dragon destroy the bridge.

After falling to my deaths many many times, I had to watch a youtuber do it...was less then pleased when i found out all you do is run and roll.

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@artelinarose: Rock on fellow Washington duder. Glad stuff seems to being going well, and most importantly you are loving it! That's all that matters in life.