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@meatball: Thats fine. It still mind boggles me. For all the outcry and negative reactions DA:2 got, DA:I seem like more of the same, yet some people seemed enthralled by it.

And when it won GOTY...i mean come on. A lot of good games came out last year more deserving.

Stated again however, opinions.

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@raspharus: It never gets better. I beat it out of love for the first 2 DA games, but man was DA:I a horrible, sad excuse for the next game in that series.

They took everything good about the first games, and threw it aside, more or less. The "tactical camera" aspect was awful. they took the mindless button mashing combat of DA2...and made it worse! Character control felt way worse then DA2, and the combat felt just as one button mashing. I barely used skills, never changed characters.

Throw that together with a cast of characters I care NOTHING about, a main villain that was a mini boss in a side-quest dungeon of DA2, and following the late Bioware train of saying "oh your choices from previous games? Fuck em this is the way the story went" just angered me. Hell in my DA universe, Lilliana was dead! I guess I should have known this was coming since DA2 was less then stellar in comparison to DA:Origins, but still...I didn't think they would fuck this game up.

I was really upset I digitally downloaded this game for the PS4, cause I would have traded this game back in a heartbeat. Instead I just got the pleasure of deleting it from my PS4's hard drive.

I really don't understand how people enjoyed this game. I know people like different things, but everything about DA:I seemed just horrible. The fact some outlets gave if GOTY makes me laugh my ass off, and re-enforces the fact that marketing trumps all. That, and being the last big game released 2014.

I know it's a different team and all, but seeing how DA:I shaped up REALLY makes me skeptical of Mass Effect Andromeda. ME is one of my favorite game series, if they fuck it up It'll be heartbreaking.

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@spaceinsomniac: Yikes...all things considered this looks like really, really poor timing to be rolling out a promotional schtick like that.

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@hassun: So the whole time he was on the couch talking to Jeff, I felt like even though he was answering the questions, he was trying to swerve the conversation towards pure "YEAH BUT YOU GOTTA LOVE THE GAME" (kinda like calling Brad out and trying to get him to talk about the game and dodge Jeff's critiques) and seemed like he was being kinda dickish behind his words.

After reading that article, i'm know for sure that is what he was trying to go for. My god he seemed like a complete jackass, and I want nothing to do with this expansion now. Thankfully a lot of good stuff will be out to play by September so I won't feel bad passing on it.

'If i booted up the game and showed you the emotes right now you'd be throwing money at the screen"

Man...Fuck him.

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My 3 year old flies in tonight to spend 2 months with me, and my girlfriend let me take a solid 4 hour nap in the middle of the day while she took care of our 1 month old.

Solid day! Super excited to spend time with both my daughters, and introduce my oldest to her sister. Also played some Destiny this morning.

Happy Fathers day to all other gaming dads out there.

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Man that potted Groot pet is awesome. Love this games freebies and events so much. Off to slaughter some cows!

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I found Hand of Fate to be really awesome. The combat part isn't anything to write home about, but it's satisfying. The card game/RPG parts of it I felt were amazing. Really neat interactions and tons of different possible paths, somewhat Roguelike-ish. It had an old school D&D campaign feel to it.

Titan souls is cute but kinda a one trick pony. I bought it, played it maybe twice, and haven't touched it since. I can't say I'd recommend it.

Haven't tried Strider.

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@rachelepithet: Umm no idea where you are getting this info, but the new spec for every class is available to any character. Not known yet if it will just be unlocked at the go, or you need to do a mission for it, but everyone will have access to the 3rd spec of their class.

And there is a ton more then one mission, and the early details have already confirmed new areas (Mar's Moon for sure), and the raid looks to be pretty big and rad (Oryx has a big space base it looks like). Raids are 6 player PVE dungeons that are bigger then strikes, have the best gear/weapons, and include very hard challenges/boss encounters that require much communication.

So far the details coming out of E3 about The Taken King make it seem actually worthy to be called an expansion, where the last 2 should have just been called DLC.

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Castle Crashers is near 7 years old, and a freakin fantastic experience. I have no issues with smaller, indie games being remastered to newer consoles. Hopefully more people play that game!

I do have issues with AAA studios putting their resources into remasters, however. They should be pumping out new awesome games, or sequels to their games if they don't wanna take risks. Remastering AAA games, especially ones that game out in the past 2-3 years, is just pathetic and makes me sad inside.

Also remasters have always been a fact of gaming. Every older game console, during it's life, had TONS of atari collection packs, and classic arcade packs, Final Fantasy 1-6 collections on every Sony platform since, etc. I don't know why people act surprised it's still a thing in gaming. It never left.

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PSN: Takayamasama Fell free to add me to the guild

Currently VR5, transferred my character from the PC version when they offered it. Feel free to add me/hound me for any questions/help, I've been playing for a decent amount of time.

@jonny_anonymous: Ya know, it's really not that bad. It was horrible at launch, but the devs did a lot of good, post game support, and changed a lot of the bad stuff about it. It's not a classic Elder Scrolls game, and it's not a full on MMO such as Warcraft, it falls somewhere in between. There is a lot of emphasis on exploring each zone and finding all the points of interest, and the story isn't too bad for what it is (chosen one must save the world from impending dooooooom). With it not requiring a subscription anymore, I'd wholeheartedly suggest anyone pick it up and just play it when the mood strikes. You can dive deep into it, or just play a few hours weekly and still have fun.