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@tothenines: I only use 3 special cards. One Decoy, one clear weather, and one scorch. Decoy is an amazing card for a few reasons. You can bounce medic cards to get even more units back in rounds 2 and 3, you can bounce spies played on your side and play them back, and I use it alot to bounce a dragon card I have that is pretty much Scorch on a 7 attack stick. I dont use battle horns since my leader ability is it's own battle horn, don't feel the need to waste a slot with one.

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@tothenines: I run with 25 and have never lost, seem like the perfect number to always draw what you need, or at least have a spy in your opening hand to get more cards. This is as a Northern Faction using the "Battle Horn your Siege Line" Foltest. Love that hero skill so much.

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@alistercat: Not a bad place to quickly gear a new 60 with uniques. The final bosses drop guaranteed uniques. For Bovinehiem, he drops 6 guaranteed, I think.

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@alistercat: If Omega is your goal, saving boosts for the last 2 days of an Omega event is the way to go. The exp bonus ends up being an insane amount.

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@alistercat: Id say hold your boosts until the week of the 4th, when it's the games 2 year anniversary. They should have some awesome events, as well as server side EXP boosts, which you can pair with your client boosts you linked.

That should let you take multiple heroes from 1-60 in no time at all! For quickest leveling, stay in Industry City Patrol until 20, then do Legendary Quests to 60, but re-roll any story LQs, they take too long to do. Focus on Terminal and Midtown/Industry City LQs and you'll be 60 in 3-5 hours.

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No Man's Sky gets my vote, or it would if it was on your poll!

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I REALLY wish this was a shirt.

This is amazing. You are amazing

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I think it's tons of fun and pretty interactive, since my last reference point of similar combat was DA:I...and fuck the "combat" in that game.

I like the dancing around enemies, I think it helps distinguish Geralt and other Witchers as highly combative, but also smart and able to think on their toes. If he was just a dude with a shield and took hits to the face tank style, I don't think the game would be as good. I like that in the universe, even witches are easily killed if they slip up.

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@bisonhero: A-fucking-men good brother. That movie is one of my top 10 of all time.

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That's no moon....