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PSN: takeshikitano3

Timezone: Central time

Games: Resogun, AC4

I love Resogun but stink so I shall be yet another player you climb the rankings over. Starting AC4 in a couple weeks and will be playing it a lot. Preordered Watch Dogs.

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@animasta said:

@8bit_archer said:

I believe like most things on the internet,this is being blown way out of proportion.

this is maybe the most blown out of proportion thing I've seen in years


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Though I had some fun with the original game on my iPod Touch, I really went all out when I got it on Vita. Great system for the game. Hoping PvZ 2 gets on Vita one day, and I also hope that means I can avoid this free-to-play crap.

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Well if none of the video ones will work I'll stop trying haha.

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Same problem that I've seen in other posts as well, have watched both Quick Looks all the way through a few times and the quest hasn't registered. Last one I need on the set too...

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Howdy, welcome

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Oh I loved the movie. I'm a fan of Tarantino, and of westerns, and the two mixed quite well for me. He is horrible as an actor and I'm not a fan of his cameos, but at least his cameo ends rather explosively.

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Defnitely getting Persona 4 soon. Not sure about the card game, but I got that patch for Golden Abyss when I started playing that starts adding in upgrades to cards based on every single treasure I found. And there's a lot of them.

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I would totally have added a pic or two to break up that post but this site or this computer just would not let that work for me. Super happy that I was pasting this from another blog of mine and not typing it up here first!

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