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@Bizzama: Unfortunately, too many times it is the publishers who make the call for male protagonists. I read an article in, I think it was Edge Magazine, about it and a few developers had sounded off on the issue saying that their games were originally designed with female protagonists and the publishers (I'm sure we could all guess which ones) came in and told them to change it because games with women leads don't sell. It's a pretty ugly state of affairs in this industry and I really hope that the more attention being brought to it through efforts like this have a positive impact.

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@gesi1223: Dumbass, what do you think this is?

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@jasondesante: Then brush up on your grammar.

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The question that this entire situation brings up is "What is Microsoft's certification process for?" The certification process takes weeks and they didn't catch the problem, so what was that time spent on? If they say your first patch is free and then they certify it even though it has an issue with it, that seems like it was Microsoft's fuck up, or they let it through so that they could get paid on top of their cut of what the game makes. It's a shame because the game is fantastic but as usual Microsoft is out for self, and not sensible or flexible with the rules and guidelines they put in place.

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I absolutely LOVE that they gave their own comparison shot.

"We'll show you a picture of different thing and you'll see how different they are."

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@Laivasse: While I don't necessarily agree with your issues with the "ludonarrative dissonance," otherwise you make some pretty valid points. I agree that the writing of Bissell's ilk, that is so rampant in the games industry just plain wreaks of the kind of panic inducing "journalism" that you typically see on FOX News. It is laser focused on being critical of certain things that are simply inherent to video games while not actually offering anything constructive or anything of any real substance to back up his claims. I think the part of his article that was supposed to really make people sit up and take notice, was that he said he was "mouthy" and "agitated" after having played it, and I don't know about you but I'm not buying it. If games have this kind of an effect on him maybe he shouldn't playing them. If what he says is to be believed then he is having trouble differentiating between fantasy and reality and should probably seek some professional help. It's articles like these that I truly believe do more harm than good to an industry trying to make the next step into mainstream relevancy.

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@Jayzilla: Oh but there have been very big consequences for doing that underhanded shit. They lost that court case and if rumors are true it cost them a cool billion. And even if rumors are only half true, That is a TON of money to lose.

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@slot9: Considering he's had little, if anything, to do with Zelda since Ocarina, probably nothing. With Skyward Sword he oversaw the Wii Motion Plus integration, but not so much on the actual game.

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@jillsandwich: I'd be tired of working on all the crap they have him working on too.

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@GalacticPunt: Its has a very "we could be dead at any moment" kind of feel to it, which is pretty fucking morose for Miyamoto.