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Well this is all kinds of anticlimactic.

Didn't Activision put a billion dollars aside and say that they didn't believe it would negatively affect their financial outlook just last week? They still could very well have lost a huge amount of money from this, aside from the damage done to their already iffy image. I feel like most people who are familiar with Activision have always thought they were a bit on the evil side, and letting this trial go on for as long as it did, enough dirt came out to pretty much confirm that... yes, they are in fact, the bad guys.

It's pretty damn ironic that "Project Icebreaker" did more damage to Activision than West and Zampella. HAH!

I'm still waaaay disappointed that this is over in this very boring way.

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Its looks like it could be fairly cool, but man... did they have to go with the "New 52" costumes? They just scream "the 90's" in the very worst way possible. Really the Wonder Woman costume is the only one that is any good at this point.

I mean Superman is wearing armor! What the fuck would Superman need armor for? So bad! I used to like Jim Lee but he has lost more than a little something since his days or redesigning the X-Men back in the day.

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$75 million and ~400 people couldn't make a game in 6 years. Sounds like Duke Nukem forever. A group that set no goals and wasted everything they had."

The studio has not been here for 6 years. It's only been a year and a half!

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Curt Schilling is such an insufferable dick hole. A few years ago he was quoted as saying that America is in a really tough spot and it is up to the individual to pull up their boot straps and make an effort to improve their own situation and in turn the state of the country will in turn improve. Only now that his company, that I am now on the hook for paying for (I live in Rhode Island), is falling apart, he goes crying to the government for help.

Piece of shit rich republicans like this fucker complain all day about poor people getting government assistance all the while they use the government to line their pockets.

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And EA got worst company in America?

#6 Posted by takkun169 (43 posts) -

Uhh Yeah Dude.

America through the eyes of two American Ameircans.

It is too goddamn funny. Also these guys came up with the "What the Fuck Is Up With Florida!?" comedy bits that every late night comedy show ripped off the past few years.

Also comedy gold such as "Whos Mommin' Harder?" and "Craig's House"

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