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Would love an invite! "Taknayu" is my ingame.

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@BigDaddy81 said:

I hate this site more and more with each passing day.

Because someone has an opinion different from yours?

Because everyone is bitching over a video game character. #First world problems at their finest.

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@MrKlorox said:

Only a couple hours slow.

@Akyho said:

Indeed. It feels like it's worse than ever!! WHAT DO I BUY!!? My dad has been on my shoulder wanting to play Day'z so I have to buy another copy of Arrowhead and jury rig that to the free Arma2 version.

DayZ is going stand-alone and will require yet another separate purchase. So fuck that game.

Not any time soon...so fuck your comment.

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@PulledaBrad said:

Oh look. Another Klepek Kickstarter article. Huzzah


Oh look! Another unnecessary comment from an asshole! Huzzah!

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I switched my Templar's shield immediately and had no problems, soo... yeah. Maybe Blizzard should have *gasp* delayed it.

Delayed for a bug that doesn't affect everyone and may as well be fake. Okay sure.

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@phrosnite said:

Hahah. Great job, Valve. Blizzard can suck it.

Did Blizzard touch you as a child or something? You're so hateful towards them.

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@bluebird14 said:

In actual fact most Native American's sided with the redcoats during the war...

Shhhh! Don't tell Ubisoft that.

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@habibyjohnson said:

dont care bout star wars?!

Is it that hard to get? I also don't care about Star Wars. I enjoyed Empire as a movie but that's about it. IMO Star Wars is an overrated, over-bloated bubble gum pop sci-fi created in order to satisfy it's creator's desire to get into the toy business.

Yeah, I'm sure that was the master plan the whole time. Way to sound like a dick.

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@RobertOrri said:

Kotick is now sulking over the lost profits from all those overpriced tickets and streaming passes they could have sold.

Blizzard always takes a loss on Blizzcon...
^This is true