Potential concept: hoaxes that became real in later games?

Hey there! Welcome to a blog post by me that doesn't have anything to do with the Giant Bomb API or any pimping of projects of mine based around it. Instead, you get to read a semi-lengthy rant! 
Before we get started, however, there's a few things you need to know real quick:

  1. It's 9:21AM as I'm writing this bullet point
  2. I didn't sleep last night
  3. I wrote a very long, seven-paragraph rant about Red Dead Redemption's crazy DLC stuff, and what you're about to read was a footnote at the end of it
  4. I ended up deciding that the rant was worthless compared to the footnote
  5. The footnote isn't too great either
  6. I just realized I left my laundry in the (dorm) drier overnight. Blast.
Anyways, let's get into it! Like I said, I was ranting about Red Dead Redemption and all of its craziness surrounding its latest DLC pack, and I was going to go on and on about how strange it is to pile zombies and Bigfoot and stuff like that into what was previously a sorta-believable pulpy western game, when I realized that having Bigfoot in the game would actually be totally awesome. 
Not because Bigfoot is very awesome on his/her own, or that he/she really fits in Red Dead Redemption at all, but because of the infamous hoax wherein some claimed that Bigfoot was in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It's hard to imagine that putting him/her into RDR was anything but a shout-out to that past game.
So I was thinking about this, and then it occurred to me... maybe we should have a wiki concept for games that were supposed to have a certain thing in them, but it turned out to be a hoax, but then that thing was put into a sequel or spin-off of that game. I can only think of a few off the top of my head: 
I don't know if this quite constitutes a concept, but if it does, Giant Bomb, we need a terrible/awesome portmanteau to go with it. I'm all out of ideas, so... thoughts? Or perhaps other games that contain things that were supposed-to-be-in-previous-or-otherwise-related games but were actually hoaxes? I swear there's at least a couple more that I can't think of. 
Apologies in advance if this is still rather ranty. I swear I meant it to be like two sentences long when I started writing it.

i'm calling it - bet on Giant Bomb reviews using quest XP - beta!

UPDATE: IMCALLING.IT IS NOW IN OPEN BETA! Just register your user account on the website immediately, no more asking to be added to the list! :D
After months of predominantly not working on this project, and around, oh, I'd say eighty hours of actual development time, I present to you people, at long last, the mostly-functional bee-ta for i'm calling it: the giant bomb metagame metagame. It can be found at its brand-new, kind-of-expensive-for-what-I'm-getting-at-the-price-I'm-paying URL, http://imcalling.it. Wanna try it for yourself? Keep on reading to find out how.

Hmm, this color scheme looks familiar...
In the likely event that you missed my previous threads, i'm calling it is a fun little website that I've been working on in my spare time, mostly to re-teach myself core web development concepts. The site allows you to register your Giant Bomb account, converting your previously-kinda-useless quest XP into points that you can use to place bets on how well you think any given game is going to be reviewed by the Giant Bomb staff. 
I've done my best to make the betting system fun and interesting. You can pick a predicted star rating for each of the Giant Bomb reviewers, to fit a probable score to each person's personality and gaming tastes. You get bonuses depending on how far in advance you make the bets; placing a bet a year before the game is reviewed will net you a massive 5x multiplier, and so forth.

I already regret this bet :'(
You're competing for the top spot on global leaderboards, but, coming soon, you will also to see how you fare against only the people you follow on Giant Bomb in the new "local leaderboard" feature. 
i'm calling it is by no means finished; it is still very beta, very much a work-in-progress. Hence the semi-closed beta-ness. I'm adding features and changing stuff all the time.

So you want to get in on this sleazy underground wheelin'-and-dealin' action?

It's simple! Just head on over to the website and register your Giant Bomb account! It's that easy!

Getting stuck on this screen for like five minutes is perfectly normal. Please don't close that tab! Just wait it out! It's worth it, I promise! 
As a beta tester, it's your job to poke around and try and find bugs and stuff. If you find anything, either PM me or just post about it here. Feel free to also make suggestions for things I should change or add. I also suggest placing bets on game that are being released in the very near future, just so you can get a sense of how the website works. As of right now, there is no way for you to be notified (by e-mail or Twitter or whatnot) when a review goes up for a game you've placed a bet on, so be sure to bookmark the website and check back when the review is posted! 

 Come on and join, I'm super lonely over here, all by myself
So yeah, hope you guys have at least some degree of fun with this! :D

Check out what I made: the Giant Bomb Concept Venn Diagrammer!

Here's the link up front, before you wander off: http://api.imcalling.it/venn/  
Also, if your eyes are being scorched by the colors, chill! They're much more mellow in the latest version.
So I got bored tonight and decided to finally sit down and make something with the Giant Bomb API that I've been dreaming of for awhile now: a web page where you would put in the names of two video games, it'd grab all of the concepts for both games, and put them into a Venn diagram (Game A-unique concepts on the right, Game B-unique concepts on the left, and concepts that the two games share in between). 
An hour and half or so after starting, I emerged victorious! 

oh god look at that eye-melting design 

 no seriously I'm losing the ability to see

 I'm not even joking, I'm blacking out now, this design is so terrible

So that's all for now, folks! Maybe next time I post a blog I'll have my main project complete enough to beta-test :)

i'm calling it - the Giant Bomb metagame metagame (teaser)


Hello, Giant Bomb userbase. So it's been like six months since Giant Bomb's quest system is in place, and by now the initial appeal of quests has pretty much worn off. Many users ignore quests entirely, and I can't even count the number of times quest devotees like myself have been disappointed to see extra XP from community quest challenges go to waste because not enough people complete them! 
Less than a month after the quest system was implemented, I pretty much started to anticipate this. I realized that the problem going forward would be that, while it's fun to do the quests at the time, you don't really have much to show for completing them afterwards. Levels and XP are pretty much significant everywhere on the website but the box in the corner that shows you your own level. So I got to thinking about how I could craft a web game thing around the Giant Bomb quest system. 
I hadn't worked on a website in ages, but I whipped out Notepad++, re-installed XAMPP, and began work on some PHP for the first time in a couple years. I wrote a tiny little bit of code that extracted any given user's current XP total from their quest page, and from there ideas formed left and right. I played around with a few of them before eventually settling on one: 
What if you could bet on how well a game is going to review on Giant Bomb using your Giant Bomb quest XP?

Now, about five months of on-and-off work later, and... well, I'm not done yet, by quite a ways, but I've made semi-incredible progress on...

 Don't cringe too badly; the layout and text and pretty much everything isn't final
You can poke around at what I have so far by going to http://imcalling.it, but I should warn you: there's a system in place that will prevent you from connecting your Giant Bomb account to ici, at least for now. Why? Well, because I'm constantly working on the game on and off during my spare time, and it's not really in a usable state yet. You can place bets on games, but I'm still working out the bugs in the system that resolves the bets once the game is released. I'm also working on the system that checks to make sure that the game you're trying to place a bet on hasn't been released yet in North America, as well as a ton of other stuff. I'll make a new thread in a month or so when I'm (hopefully) done. 
So yeah, that's about it. Any questions, comments, concerns, criticisms, or ideas?

My PC/video game dorm room setup is complete!

So I've been in college for like a month now, but my A/V setup has been crap. I've had to unplug cables left and right to switch between my PC and Xbox 360 and, because I don't have a TV in my dorm but do have a monitor, I had to buy a series of cables that would separate out the audio and video to make it all work. 
Finally I got fed up with it, and ordered a three-way RCA switch and a three-way HDMI switch. Tonight I finally got everything all set up, and here's how it looks: 

Sorry about the terrible image quality, but I took it with my cell phone camera. Not labelled is that tiny black-and-gray thing up next to the center channel speaker: the infrared receiver for the HDMI-switching remote. Also, the HDMI switch itself is not pictured, as it is duct-taped to the bunk bed's supporting beam behind the laptop. 
So yeah, now all I have to do to switch between my PC, laptop, and 360 is press a button on the remote (1 for PC, 2 for Xbox 360, 3 for laptop or other "auxiliary" device) and switch the RCA switch to the same number, and then boom, it works. The only downside is only my PC gets full 5.1 sound; everything else gets 2.1. 
(Also, the damned HDMI switch [which was only $5.00 on Amazon, by the way] didn't come with a DC adapter, so I had to pick one up from Wal-Mart for three times the price of the device itself.)  
I do have a second monitor, my old 22" 1680x1050 scratched and dented LCD, and I'm considering setting it up as a second monitor for the PC only.

So yeah... does anyone else have any cool low-ish budget dorm-room setups? Not including the key devices themselves, all the cables and switches probably cost about $60.

GB API Project, Update 3

Okay, so this isn't really much of an update at all, but I started working on the semi-mysterious API project again. I had quit after realizing how people could cheat the game very easily by editing the wiki, but I've decided that I'm going to go ahead and do it anyways, cheaters be damned. Basically I'm hoping people won't cheat because the cheat I have in mind would add false data to the wiki, and nobody wants that. 
Anyways, here's an image, not much has visually changed since last time.

I wonder if I blurred the text well enough... 
Let the speculation as to what this project actually is begin!

The past little-over-a-year has been worth the price by far

This is going to be a short blog post that I'm just going to throw up before I pass out. I bought a WM year-long subscription this morning as soon as I found out about it. I missed most of the BLLSL due to my college's terrible Internet (and classes). I think this whole thing about having to get 5,000 subscribers to keep the Bombcast "the same" seems shady at best, downright dirty at worst. Everything else seems fine to me.
I just wanted to let everyone know that I most certainly already have gotten my $50 worth of entertainment from Giant Bomb, and I've only been here since E3 2009. I was an avid Digg user then, and I somehow stumbled across a YouTube-posted clip of one of that year's E3 Bombcasts; specifically, the "NEVER" bit. I was like "holy shit, this is just what I've been looking for: a ridiculous, funny, entertaining, but informative weekly podcast about video games!" I have been an avid listener and reader ever since. 
I took this past year off from school due to a myriad of issues that I won't even begin to detail here. Regardless, after graduating high school and watching my friends go off to college in the fall, I was stuck working at Walmart part-time on an erratic schedule for a year, all the while dealing with family problems. I first ignored these damn "ER" videos that kept coming up on the Giant Bomb homepage, but eventually, I stopped to watch one; holy shit, it's like more Bombcast, but with a cool-looking game under it.  
(I realize that I am jumbling grammar and tenses, but whatever, I'm too tired to go back and proofread at this point.)
So I started watching from Episode 1, and man, that stuff was great. I was disheartened to learn that the show was ending very soon (like, four episodes to go once I started watching), but I stuck it out and made it through to the end. I spent many a day working 5-12pm, driving home, watching the Endurance Run for five hours or so while eating microwavable food, passing out, waking up late the next day and doing it all over again. 
I had a bit of disposable income this past year, which I blew on several, several video games, but none of them was 99:59+ hours of entertainment, I'll tell you that right now. 
The Bombcast continues to be awesome, Quick Looks are still great, TANG and TWWoTANG are both excellent, Mailbags are never not entertaining, and... did I mention the Bombcast? Two hours of raw entertainment every week? For free? 
I must reiterate that asking for 5,000 subscribers seems really kind of bluntly rude, but other than that, everything about Multipass and subscriptions is great, and I'm behind Whiskey Media 100%. That is all. Now excuse me while I fall asleep.
(Oh shit, this was supposed to be short, wasn't it?)


It's my birthday, so I got myself tickets to PAX!

So I turned nineteen today. ...Yeah. Not a lot much else to say on this topic. At around 07:30GMT tonight, I'll've circumnavigated the sun nineteen times. Cool, I guess.
HOWEVER! My two friends and I just got ourselves tickets to PAX (Prime)! 
And when I say "tickets" I don't just mean "fifty-five bucks apiece to get into PAX," I also mean ~$350 to fly to Seattle from middle America! My friend Cam and I are going to college at Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota this fall, and my other friend, Carson, is going to UNL In Lincoln, Nebraska. 
We're all from Rapid City, South Dakota. Lincoln and Aberdeen are both mad expensive to fly out from, so we're going to have to spend additional monies to drive part of the way. Cam and I are going to have to drive from Aberdeen, SD, to Fargo, ND (yes, North Dakota, it is a state [or so I've been told]), a three-hour drive just to get to the place where we can fly at a relatively cheap rate. Carson will also have to get a ride to Omaha, somehow
To give a sentence or two worth of background before proceeding: while we all graduated from high school last spring, I took a year off between high school and college to... well, play video games and work at Walmart, I guess, while all my friends went off to college. My goal is to do something with computer programming (probably in games) or game design, but since I didn't do shit in high school and got meh grades, I'm starting off at an in-state school, at least for a couple years.
So I'm going to attend college for like four days (Monday through part of Thursday of the first week) before spending half of a school day (Thursday) to drive to Fargo, get on a plane, and fly to Seattle. We're going to stay for PAX in its entirety, attending as much of it as we can, so that'll be all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then Monday morning, we get to get up balls early and catch a flight back home. 
So all of this is fine and well, and we have our plane tickets purchased, our PAX passes prepurchased, and our lodging under control (staying with Carson's cousin and her family). The only shitty thing is that I'm probably not going to tell my parents about it until after it happens. Obviously, once I go off to college, I'm more or less my own man and all that, but my parents will hate me for the rest of the summer if I tell them "hey yeah, so when I start college this fall, I'm going to have to skip a day and a half of the first week to go and spend a large sum of money to play video games and D&D for three days in Seattle, how does that sound for a start to a productive college year?" 
All of my friends who are in college tell me "dude, if you're going to miss any days of college, the best days to miss are probably the last two days of the first week, because the first week is before everything kicks into super serious-mode, but you still have met the teachers and such from the beginning of the week." But you can bet your ass my parents won't see it like that at all. :( 
Yeah... sorry about the rant, it's early in the morning and all that. Anyone else going to PAX from even more obscure locations? Possibly travelling internationally?


GB API Project, Update 2

I made a ton of progress on my Giant Bomb API project tonight, instead of sleeping like a normal person. The main mechanic is about halfway functional, but I still have quite a ways to go. 
Anyways, I thought I'd reveal the title, at least. "i'm calling it." Also, here's two screenshots, with the as-of-now secret bits mosaic'd to keep you on the edge of your seats!

More updates to come!


So I was bored tonight, and, being a huge fan of terrible word puns, searched for "bro" on Urban Dictionary. I then spent 15 minutes reading through all of them, picking out the best (worst?) ones, and then broceeded to post them here for you to enjoy (or not). So here it is, the Brosetta Stone of brortmanteaus (in alphabetic... brorder):

  • brobal warming
  • brobese
  • brobituary
  • brocabulary
  • broccasion
  • brocrastinate
  • brocreate
  • brodeo
  • brodown
  • brodozer
  • broexist
  • brofanity
  • brofessional
  • brogrammer
  • brogramming
  • brogurt
  • brohibition
  • brojob
  • Broklahoma
  • brolemia
  • brolemic
  • brolific
  • brolaborate
  • brollision
  • brollution
  • brologue
  • bromance
  • bromenclature
  • bromentum
  • bromeostasis
  • bromiscuous
  • bromiserate
  • bromunication
  • brona fide
  • bronley
  • broner
  • bronnection
  • bronunciate
  • brophisticated
  • bropinion
  • broppression
  • brortmanteau
  • Broseidon
  • Brosetta Stone
  • brostalgia
  • brotalitarianism
  • brotassium
  • brotato
  • brotein
  • brotisserie
  • brotivational
  • brotography
  • brototype
  • broquet
  • Broval Office
  • Brovaltine
  • Brovember
  • brovercrowded
  • broverdose
  • broverload
  • broverturned (vehicle)
  • Broviet
  • brozone layer
  • Brozac
  • quid pro bro
Feel free to post others or just shake your head and groan. :)