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" And this is why every single internet petition is fail by default. They never accomplish anything. "Childish antics and shenanigans" indeed. "

Quite the contrary! The lesson I learned from all of this is
"Start a petition whenever Valve announces a new game and you'll eventually be flown to their headquarters to play said game before everyone else."
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I am intrigued.
EDIT: And defibrillators?!
Man, do I have some catching up to do.

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The leaders of the group kicking everyone out and saying "we've done what we meant to accomplish" is code for "we fucked up; Valve flew us to their studios, the game is actually quite fun to play, especially if you're a fan of Left 4 Dead in the first place, and we've realized how absolutely silly we were for doing anything this drastic and childish in the first place."
Don't get me wrong, I was in the knee-jerk "WHAT? ANOTHER LEFT 4 DEAD? ALREADY?!?! AM DISAPPOINTED IN VALVE" camp, but after realizing that a.) I'd buy it anyways and b.) more Left 4 Dead is never a bad thing in my book, I eventually have come to essentially accept Valve as my new electronic entertainment overlords.

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@Claude said:
" The one thing I don't like about Giantbomb. Their review scale. It's so casual and yet they come across as so hardcore or as some might call a traditional gamer. I sometimes think that enthusiasts game reviewers get a kick out of fucking with any metacritic score. In doing so, they lose the person who wants to play a game and get a real feel of the review with a score. Why not do something different? My local paper does a four star review with half stars. It's not on the 10 scale, but it allows for more variance in what you think.  I've grown past it, but I read a lot of reviews, so I've learned to read between the scores and focus on the words. "
What? This is exactly what I love about Giant Bomb. If I want a review, I'll read or watch what they write or shoot. I'm not the kind of douchebag who is like "eh, I'm thinking about getting this game, but OH DEAR GOD IT'S GETTING 5's AND 6's?! NOW I'M NOT GETTING IT." The Giant Bomb rating scale thing is because they pretty much have to have one, but they don't want to get caught in the trap that *cough* certain websites have been using *cough* of having a 1-10 scale, but really rating most everything 6-10. If a new Zelda game comes out and gets a 5/5, I'll be more likely to agree with it than a 10.0/10.
Reviewing games is kind of dumb as it is because peoples' tastes differ so, but a five-star review system is a nice middle ground between a 100-point Metascore and a "which position is the thumb" scale.
TL;DR: A five-star review scale is not "casual," because I don't think that adjective applies to review scales (other than perhaps thumbs up/down "reviews" from a friend). A more granular scale does not mean a better scale.
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Sorry for recreating that thread that's like right there, top of the list, but I think this works better as a poll.
My personal opinion: uncensored is funnier, most of the time.
Now, if they did it like The Pick of Destiny, where I actually bought the "censored" version because it was funnier (and the music store where I worked was going out of business, but still).
Basically, what gets me is when you're playing it censored, and Eddie just shouts out "BLEEP" now and again, without context. I don't so much mind "I'm getting sick of these [BLEEP]ers," but when you just straight-out censor "fuck!" with "[BLEEP]," instead of doing an alternate audio track ("crap!," "oh no!," etc.), it just sound dumb.

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I think it looks better than most box art seen today. When reading Brad's review of Uncharted 2, and he was talking about having virtually no problems with anything in the game, my eyes panned horizontally and saw the pretty generic box art. I like games that have different-looking box art, especially ones that do unique things like Left 4 Dead.

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Damn, this would actually be pretty awesome to have.
EDIT: lol Vinny

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@Hoffer: I'm thinking of getting Renegade 99% because of the wireless controller. Nothing else really interests me in that bundle, but finding out that the standard controller will be wired was a huge bummer.
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As someone who is just now watching ER through as we speak, I'm gonna say that episode 81 was hilarious (the we're-back-from-E3 grindfest, followed by a Hama to the face).