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Came to say Don Juan, Lethal Doors, but man, looks like I'm far from the only one.

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@Labman said:

I haven't bought it yet, but I just watched Patrick's and Ryan's QL...it looks and sounds friggen amazing! I just wish it was Mac compatible.

I'm not a Mac guy, but the credits definitely listed someone as a "Mac Developer" ...so maybe it's coming to Mac soon, or something?

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Still trying to wrap my mind around the story... here's what I understand, but then again I played the whole thing while sleep-deprived and might be messing some of it up:

So, like, most of the game, you're Jacket Dude, and you see Glasses Dude in the in-between segments. Near the beginning of the game, Glasses Dude mentions that you've lost your girlfriend.You're doing missions wherein you kill a whole mess of dudes, because of these calls you get that tell you to do so. At one point, you fight and kill Biker Dude in the phone company building. At another point, you decide to not murder some woman and save her and she comes to live with you for awhile. Meanwhile, there's these in-between segments where you're talking to the Three Masked Dudes.

Then shit goes crazy and Glasses Dude tells you that everything you see isn't real, and there's that dead body on the ground. Then Glasses Dude is dead, and there's another guy in his place, much less friendly to you, and there's, like, dead bodies everywhere in the in-between bits, and they talk to you and stuff. Meanwhile the girl you saved is living with you.

Then you come home and find the girl dead in the bathroom, and a masked dude sitting on your couch. He shoots you. The game says "press R to retry."

You come back to life at your bed, re-enter the living room, and there's you on the ground, dead. You talk to mask dude a bit more, go into a room that shouldn't exist, and see a dude in a hospital bed. Then you become that dude.

Then you wake up and find yourself in a hospital, having apparently been in a coma.

At this point, I thought "oh okay, everything up to this point has been a coma-dream, now here's where things get real."

You escape the hospital and go back to your place, which is now a crime scene. You reach in the laundry and put your jacket and pants back on, and head to the police station to murder all the cops within and then you find the location of the Russian boss or something? So I guess maybe the whole first part wasn't just a coma-dream? Or was it? What? And during all this, you're wearing the same masks that you were before... so... I dunno, this is the part where the game loses me.

So you go to the place and kill the boss dude, and then you go to a back room and find an old dude and kill him, step out onto the balcony, smoke, roll credits.

Then we go back in time to earlier, and you're Biker Dude. You're rejecting the phone calls, trying to find out where they're coming from instead. While trying to find the source of the phone calls, you go to the phone company, murder everyone within, get the next piece of the trail, and then boom, in comes Jacket Dude, and you... you kill him. He dies.

You then proceed to eventually find the real source of the whole thing, these two phone company dudes (one of whom Jacket Dude saw (or didn't? because he was DEAD and/or in a COMA???) a couple of times over the course of the story. They're all mysterious and don't reveal much and you kill them, roll credits.

Then you collect all the collectibles and solve the puzzle and get the password to the computer just before the last bit and learn almost nothing else and it's extremely vague and disappointing.

So like... are these two separate timelines, two different stories, then? How much of Jacket Dude's story was real? Were the Three Masked Dudes real, or just coma-people? Who was Glasses Dude? Was he just a figment of your coma-magination, or a real person, at some point? Etc. etc. I'm going to bed now.
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So I finished Hotline Miami today, and it was a pretty great game, but then you get the the end, and it wants you to have a password to do a certain thing, and your character doesn't have the password, and you're sad but you move on and see the end or whatever.

Then I pressed escape and noticed there was a "puzzle" menu option. When you go to it, it has a row of squares and asks you to fill them in with letters. I only had one letter, a "T". Turns out, these are hidden on tiny, like, 3x3 purple squares with a white pixel in the middle throughout the levels. If you have the owl mask equipped, they hover in the air like weapons. I must've picked one up at some point on accident.

But I was really not in the mood for replaying the whole game again, especially if it meant I'd have to equip a different mask than good ol' Don Juan... so I started poking around with the saves.dat file, and noticing what changes in it when you pick up letters.


Replace the fourth line of saves.dat with 1111111111111111

Then you have to figure out the correct order of the letters. When you load up the PUZZLE screen, it places them randomly, and, sometimes, with logic I don't quite fully understand, sometimes the letters will "stick" when you place them in the correct spot, but then other times they won't.

So after a ton of randomly dragging the letters around until they randomly stuck, I found out the password.


Or, if you're super duper lazy and still have saves.dat open:


Change the last line of saves.dat from a 0 to a 1

This changes the way the final final chapter of the game plays out, but only slightly, and, honestly, kind of disappointingly. I'm pretty glad that I just cheated and did this, because man, if I'd've gone back through and done all the legwork to find all those secret square thingies and not wearing the Don Juan Fuck Your Shit I'm Going To Kill You With Door Almost Exclusively mask in the process... I'd be pretty frustrated.

Oh, and here's a bonus cheat:


Replace the first line of saves.dat with 11111111111111111111111111

So yeah, mystery solved, it's not that great, but Hotline Miami is pretty awesome, even if the plot is largely incoherent, and not even in the way I expected from a cactus game.

Anyways, I'ma go back to listening to the title screen music on loop and just zoning out now.

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I was desperately trying to figure out how to purchase the soundtrack for listening outside of the game because it's pretty amazing, but all I could find was this bandcamp page with no download or purchase options.

Then I noticed that all the music is right there in ogg format in the game directory.

Also, funny to see that this is a Game Maker game:

No Caption Provided

So what about mask.nfo now? It just contains a "0" ...

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Oh God, I just bought a PS3 and have just about finished playing all the big games I missed (MGS4, Uncharted 2 & 3, Heavy Rain, Tokyo Jungle, Journey), and dammit I'm probably going to end up getting this.

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@xaLieNxGrEyx said:

This just reminded me that a half star system (10 points out of 5 stars) would benefit GB and imo be the best score system possible.

Also Kotaku ditched scores for a 50/50 "play or don't play" system which isn't.... useful at all in my opinion.

Why? Stars are for a quick, at-a-glance overview of what a reviewer thought of a game, nothing more, nothing less. I look at RE6's two stars and say "oh, Brad didn't like this game, but it's not entirely a flaming pile of shit, but it's not very good." If he gave it, say, a 2.5/5, how would that benefit anyone at all? Go to the Help page and read about how Giant Bomb's star system works, it's dead simple.

Unless you're falling into the trap (like OP seems to be) of thinking that reviews are somehow supposed to be perfectly objective or something. This is totally not the case at all!

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Infra Arcana is a fantastic roguelike-ass roguelike. It's not overly complex, it has a great atmosphere and a good tileset that feels like you're not using a tileset... it's hard to explain. It's really great.

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Man, nothing makes me giddier than drama surrounding poor (or evenless than perfect) critical reception of the latest entry in a beloved series. It's always my most favorite thing ever.

But I have a message for people who are (hysterically) trying to come up with conspiracy theories as to why RE6 is getting reviewed poorly, and imagine themselves to be a soldier in the trenches of the forums of the Internet, defending their beloved franchise to the death:

If a game being called "Resident Evil" means that it's automatically awesome in your mind, that's great, I'm super happy for you. Embrace that, and enjoy the thing you're spending sixty bucks on! Don't let any reviews from websites and people on the Internet take that away from you.

You don't need to justify your blind love of the series to anyone! They all have different opinions from you, and different tastes and stuff. Just ignore them!

But whatever you do, don't stop and think too hard about why you have blind love for a franchise. Because if you do, you might step back and realize, oh shit, maybe these games aren't the greatest things ever, maybe the company making them really is just feeding off my nostalgia for the previous titles and tricking me into keep on buying them, and maybe, just maybe, you aren't actually having fun playing them.

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Aha! I was wondering if this was going to be the case, and I assumed it was. Welp, guess imcalling.it will just use wiki points in the future.

But hey, at least this might finally mean a reduction in those stupid first posts like "cool" and "looks neat" and shit like that, right? I mean, Internet gonna Internet, but at least it won't actually be incentivized anymore, right?