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Oh God, I just bought a PS3 and have just about finished playing all the big games I missed (MGS4, Uncharted 2 & 3, Heavy Rain, Tokyo Jungle, Journey), and dammit I'm probably going to end up getting this.

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This just reminded me that a half star system (10 points out of 5 stars) would benefit GB and imo be the best score system possible.

Also Kotaku ditched scores for a 50/50 "play or don't play" system which isn't.... useful at all in my opinion.

Why? Stars are for a quick, at-a-glance overview of what a reviewer thought of a game, nothing more, nothing less. I look at RE6's two stars and say "oh, Brad didn't like this game, but it's not entirely a flaming pile of shit, but it's not very good." If he gave it, say, a 2.5/5, how would that benefit anyone at all? Go to the Help page and read about how Giant Bomb's star system works, it's dead simple.

Unless you're falling into the trap (like OP seems to be) of thinking that reviews are somehow supposed to be perfectly objective or something. This is totally not the case at all!

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Infra Arcana is a fantastic roguelike-ass roguelike. It's not overly complex, it has a great atmosphere and a good tileset that feels like you're not using a tileset... it's hard to explain. It's really great.

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Man, nothing makes me giddier than drama surrounding poor (or even less than perfect) critical reception of the latest entry in a beloved series. It's always my most favorite thing ever.

But I have a message for people who are (hysterically) trying to come up with conspiracy theories as to why RE6 is getting reviewed poorly, and imagine themselves to be a soldier in the trenches of the forums of the Internet, defending their beloved franchise to the death:

If a game being called "Resident Evil" means that it's automatically awesome in your mind, that's great, I'm super happy for you. Embrace that, and enjoy the thing you're spending sixty bucks on! Don't let any reviews from websites and people on the Internet take that away from you.

You don't need to justify your blind love of the series to anyone! They all have different opinions from you, and different tastes and stuff. Just ignore them!

But whatever you do, don't stop and think too hard about why you have blind love for a franchise. Because if you do, you might step back and realize, oh shit, maybe these games aren't the greatest things ever, maybe the company making them really is just feeding off my nostalgia for the previous titles and tricking me into keep on buying them, and maybe, just maybe, you aren't actually having fun playing them.

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Aha! I was wondering if this was going to be the case, and I assumed it was. Welp, guess imcalling.it will just use wiki points in the future.

But hey, at least this might finally mean a reduction in those stupid first posts like "cool" and "looks neat" and shit like that, right? I mean, Internet gonna Internet, but at least it won't actually be incentivized anymore, right?

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I am absolutely in love with this game.


I also kinda sorta bought a PS3 because of it.

I was going to buy one anyways! Eventually... but I saw the Quick Look for this game and read about it a bit and was like "fuck it, I just got my paycheck, the time is NOW"

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Further proof that this art works fantastically in a visual novel:

The only thing lacking is the number of expressions for each character, and like I said earlier it has to be downscaled a bit, but other than that it works hilariously awesomely.

Oh, and proposed visual novel story idea: you're the new Giant Bomb intern for the next 30 days.

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Hey so I dunno if this has been asked/suggested already but if I were to theoretically make something dumb with these images in Ren'Py, would that be alright?

oh man...is this thread going to end up with a giantbomb dating sim?

Just saying... if anyone wanted to actually make this a thing, and had decent writing in mind, I wouldn't mind coordinating it. Not a dating sim, per se, but y'know, a visual novel, like the good parts of Persona 4, or the non-fighting game parts of P4A. Something silly in the vein of that Flight Club interactive fiction project thing. It could either be a Persona parody thing where they meet their Other Selves and say "you're not me," or it could just be an adventure around the CBSi offices... or even the old offices... or the old old offices (i.e. Endurance Run: The Visual Novel)?

I have zero experience making visual novels (aside from that scene you see above), and I've only played a handful myself... where's that guy when you need him?

EDIT: Oh, and I never actually said it, but your art is fantastic :D And when you scale it down by half, it fits in an 800x600 game perfectly, or, if you scale it down to about 75% of its size, it fits great at 1280x720.

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Ren'Py is pretty cool! But I have nothing funny to write :P

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Hey so I dunno if this has been asked/suggested already but if I were to theoretically make something dumb with these images in Ren'Py, would that be alright?