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The $100 thing is a super dumb thing to get mad over. It's $100, it goes to charity, and it's not "$100 for a 'maybe'," if anything, it's $100 for unlimited "maybes." It makes your account able to submit games forever.

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@envane said:

@garbagewrappedinskin: Acquesitia seems too much like that pony world .. plz dont

You meant to point that at me, and though that was unintentional, let's not bring that fight here, okay?

That said, your idea of non-combat-related item properties might be a good one for this particular game. It was always odd in Recettear when, like, a grandpa would come in looking for a short sword, or whatever. Plus, it would be hilarious to see items with "Tomato Harvesting ... +53," or whatever. (At least, I think this is what you were saying. If not... then I still love this idea, haha.)

Also, after about three minutes of Internet research, I'm pretty sure the accepted pronunciation of Recettear is "Ress-a-tear."

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Holy crap, this got frontpaged? Awesome!

So what we're looking at doing with our loot system is, like, on a scale of Diablo II to Diablo III, being negative Diablo III. By that I mean, we're going to have a ton of "unique" modifiers, some of which are purely cosmetic and silly (i.e. particle effects on the weapon, big head for the player character, etc.), some of which are useful ("Chance To Revive Enemy As Allied Zombie On Kill"), and some of which are just awesome ("Chance To Gib On Kill"). These "unique" modifiers will actually be pretty common. These will eventually all be tied to the item name fragments that make up an item when it's generated, so it'll all be logical... for example, expect your character's head to be double size when equipping a "Fantastic Short Sword Of Over-Inflated Egos."

Meanwhile, here's some funny legendaries I generated today:

We're hoping that finding a funny and awesome combination of item effects will be more important to gameplay than just the numbers of the stats.

But also keep in mind that a.) this game is intended to be humorous, so we can get away with "Resist Bees," and b.) the actual dungeon-crawling gameplay will only be like 1/3 of the game, so we can afford for it to be ridiculous and unbalanced, as long as it's fun. Also, c.) we don't have any sort of pseudo-international bank-like system wherein players can trade the loot for real money, so we don't have to worry about that. It kind of makes you sympathize with Blizzard, really, when you think about it: surely they were forced to find a way to make money on Diablo III after the initial sale of the game, which is why they devised the Real Money Auction House. And because of the RMAH, they had to "play it safe" with the loot system, not making anything too crazy or whatever, right?

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@Jimbo said:

More loot, less drops. Never ever make me feel like I'm litter picking.

If you're saying what I think you're saying, I agree with you completely; the worst thing about Diablo, for me, is when you get a lootsplosion and most of it is garbage, because if you're like me, you instinctively want to pick up everything. Any ideas on how to make this better? I'm making the garbage loot have funny generated names ("Why Would You Even Equip This Longsword of Shame," "Uncomfortably Moist Gloves Of Hey Fuck You"), but... should they, like, sink into the ground after awhile, or otherwise disappear? I'm pretty sure you need the garbage to create contrast with the good loot, though.

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What's a necklass? Is it like a teenage girl who hangs from your neck? Or does the girl have a neck fetish?


@Dixavd: You've interested me, I'll definitely do what I can to check out FFX

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@garbagewrappedinskin: Mind = blown

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Holy walls of text, Batman, this is way more in-depth discussion than I expected, but in a good way! And here I was concerned that this post would get buried.

Let me start off by pitching my game idea to you, just so you know exactly where I'm coming from with my particular game:

Loot Shop is a video game. It has elements of a dungeon-crawling hack-and-slasher (think Diablo), an item shop simulator (Recettear), and a management sim. Those last two may sound boring, but: COLORED LOOT!


Everything was good in the world of Acquesitia. Adventurers' endless appetites for acquiring newer and better loot from killing evil creatures ensured that the forces of evil would always be kept at bay.

Then, one day, the Real Money Auction House was established, and everything went to hell. Adventurers could now buy and sell items with their endless supplies of mythical Real Currency, causing the established gold standard to bottom out. After awhile, adventurers stopped using gold to trade items altogether, preferring to deal solely with Real Currency.

While the adventurers of the world traded items and Real Currency back and forth, the forces of evil, no longer being farmed for their loot, rose to power for the first time in milennia. They began to terrorize the civilizations of Acquesitia, and the adventurers, no longer equipped to fight, found themselves unable to fight back.

You are Stebbins, a grizzled old adventurer who was all set to have an easy retirement as an item vendor (as is often the case for aged heroes), but then all this happened. First, vendors were rendered obsolete because of Real Currency, and then the forces of evil rose to power and started terrorizing everyone.

Despite being Too Old For This Shit, Stebbins sets out to right the wrongs of the world, the only way he knows: capitalism.

Basically, it's going to be Recettear but with Diablo-style loot and with added and expanded mechanics for managing multiple heroes and their gear and stuff. (For example, once you get heroes up to a certain level, you can send them off to fetch loot on their own [but it's less effective than if you were to "go along with them"].) There's more to it than that, but that's the basic idea. You can read some of our incredibly rough ideas on our github page if you're interested. (I'm just starting to get into the actual game part of it; I've had too much fun making a loot generator [mostly because of the silly names].)

Because the game is at some level just an elaborate way for my friends and I to poke fun at Diablo III for being less awesome than we'd hoped, the loot will be Diabloeque in nature, although I agree with you,

was talking about not being possible. I think it's possible, but extremely difficult to get right (and, of course, nothing beats a knowledgeable human DM). Unfortunately I don't think I'm anywhere near good enough or have near enough time to create a deep system like that, but man... it gets you thinking about how awesome/evil games could be, doesn't it?

One more idea I've been kicking around and I'm getting close to being able to actually implement is the idea of making those silly prefixes and postfixes actually affect the weapons. Like how in the Diablo games, an "x of the Boar" would have y properties, etc. I had to learn how to make straight-up Windows programs last night, something I've never done before, just to make an editor so I can have a sort of database of "Modifiers" that I can easily edit at will. Right now, Modifiers are only "good" or "bad" (the former for better-colored loot and the latter purely for garbage grays), but soon I'll be making the system work in a way that, for example, lets me make an "x of Cannibalism" have life-stealing, etc.

You have no idea how long it took to make this work

But yeah, keep the discussion coming, I love reading and thinking about stuff like this, even if it doesn't apply to my game ideas directly. I don't know about anyone else, but at least for me, Diablo III shined a bright light on loot systems and how they don't always work as awesomely as they should, and any talk that generates ideas as to how to improve them is awesome.

(Also, I tried uploading a hopefully-better-working version of my console loot tester thing. Hopefully it works!)

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So I'm designing a game that's centered around a Diabloesque loot system and having a ton of fun with it:

EDIT: Here's some more from the "actual game:"

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can try downloading it here (Windows only), but it might not work right because of various reasons, most of which are my own fault. Try extracting it and running LootSystem.exe.

(Note that all of the stats and stuff aren't balanced or even really tied to anything at all. They scale by item level, and rarer-colored items get more random attributes, but that's about it for now.)

So yeah, I was wondering what y'all's thoughts were on loot systems, and what you want to see out of them. Many people see Diablo III's loot system as being kind of shitty and unrewarding (unless you use the Auction Houses), but people seem to like Borderlands and Dead Island and Diablo II, right? What would you like to see out of a game that was basically focused on the loot entirely?

I say this because I picked up Diablo III with my friend and wanted to have a great time with it, and did, for like 60 hours, but man, I expected the loot system of a Third Diablo Game to be way more satisfying than it was. So I set out to make the greatest loot system of all time, starting with color-coding, random stats, and funny names. Where do you go from here?

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@Baillie said:

The GB community is fat.

Well apparently not, or else those would be the ones that're out :P

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So I missed the live announcement of the Giant Bomb logo t-shirts, and didn't get around to checking the site until that video (whichever it was) mentioned it, after it was put up on the site. When I went to the store page, it says that Small, Medium, and Large sizes of it are "SOLD OUT" ...but then it says "Please note that we print our apparel by demand, so give us a couple weeks to get these printed and shipped out to you. Thanks!"

So... if the shirts are being printed by demand... how can they be sold out of the smaller sizes? Are they just not making them? Or am I missing something and they sold out incredibly quickly and now I'm screwed to ever get one?

I asked Jeff on Formspring and didn't get a reply, and then I asked through the Giant Bomb membership support thing, and haven't heard back there either... so maybe someone here knows? I don't really frequent the forums much, so I must've missed a billion other people asking this same question... right? Right?

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