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This game is the shit and you all should play it immediately.

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No idea... Garry is working on adding a ton of new stuff to the next version, but that's not coming for awhile.

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I was all ready to freak out after hearing this on the Tested podcast. I'm still a little bummed that Tested, Screened, and Giant Bomb are no longer going to be in the same building, as the whole Whiskey cross-pollenization thing is one of my favorite things about the company. But this video and the preceding couple of news posts made me wonder why I'd doubt these crazy guys to begin with.

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To compare to Brad's opinions on the game as per the latest Bombcast, and elaborate a bit more of my earlier opinions: I pretty much agree with everything Brad said, except the atmosphere of the game kept me into it through most of the bullshit. And despite the clunk, the shitty half-assed ending, and the general feeling of this game being passed through a million different teams, I actually kind of liked it, and applaud it for trying something new. But yeah, if it was a big-box retail game (assuming it even could be, being all not-about-shooting-every-dude-you-see[-though-admittedly-most-of-them]), and its interesting and unique mechanics were fleshed out a bit and you were given a bit more of an open world to explore around (not saying that it should be Saints Row: The Third or anything, just, alternate paths, etc.), it would've been an amazing game. Instead, it's kind of bad, but interesting, and if that's your thing (it is for me), you'll find it at least somewhat enjoyable (I sure did).

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Sounds like a good ending to me...

Same here. I think that sounds fucking crazy and great. It's sort of like the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories ending just...not-ish.

Like I said, maybe it's because I've played Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, but from the outset I recognized the framing device and was 99% sure the guy was gonna end up dead. That's not the problem I have with the ending; I'd probably be disappointed if he ended up alive at the end. I just thought the last twenty minutes of the game was the most rushed, oh-shit-we're-out-of-time-here-quick-cobble-something-together portion of a video game I've ever played.

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To me, you sound pretty pissed at the game. I bet I would to, had I played it for 6 hours straight on while sleep deficiency.

No! Well, maybe a little, but it's a game that I enjoyed overall! It's just, there's so much more potential with where they could've taken it, and the ending didn't feel like an ending at all. Rarely was I not enjoying myself playing it, save for when the credits started to roll.

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Wait is the boat actually called U.S.S. Deus Ex Machina?

You're right though that ending does sound excessively lazy & useless on so many ways.


"Man, it sucks living in this post-apocalyptic shitshow remains of a west-coast American city, especially with all this toxic dust everywhere."

"Oh, player character, I'm getting transmissions on my radio from a boat that wants to come rescue survivors! But apparently somehow only us logical and sane ones and not just any random machete-wielding thug off the streets. Now, could you please be a dear and go into this beached ship that's somehow suspended a couple hundred feet in the air and occupied by all sorts of psychopathic scum and take the radio transmitter that I magically know is in there? Because once we have that, we can radio this magical ship, and it'll come and pick us up and solve all of our problems!"

I kept expecting it to be some plot twist, because, like, they mention that when The Event happened, they shipped the children away first. That sounds like a pretty good hook for some nefarious-ass shit right there, doesn't it? Especially since you're trying to get this mother and young child aboard it?

But, nope, the ship arrives at the end, and it's played absolutely straight as being a ship that will ferry them off to apparently the last place on Earth that's still actually inhabitable.

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Why does a game have to end a specific way, or wrap up neatly or something to be considered good though?

Look at The Thing. That movie ends with a great big "who the fuck knows" and is an amazing end to the movie. I haven't played and beaten I Am Alive, so I can't comment specifically on the ending. It sounds though like you want everything to be wrapped up. You don't want any mysteries, any unanswered questions, any "fill in the blank on your own." But why does everything have to end so neatly and cleanly? Why do all of the questions have to be answered? Why is it half-assed for a writer to have an ending that doesn't put a neat little bow on everything? I'm not saying that the way they ended it is bad, I can't speak from experience if they pulled it off well or not, but that doesn't seem to be your main issue with the ending, but if I'm wrong and it is the way they executed it and not just that all of your questions weren't answered, I'd like to know that.

No, see, this is what I'm afraid people might take away from my rant. I fully expected the main character to die at the end from the get-go. I fully expected to not know what The Event actually entailed, and "oshit I wonder what happens next" is how pretty much every disaster movie ends, right (either that or "...and then they all died")?

What I hated about the story is how it sets you out to find your family, then almost completely forgets about that in favor of helping this other family, then, when it seems like it's going to get back to finding your dude's family, the game ends, and his family is shown to be fine, but he's implied to be dead, all within one minute.

Plus, if anything, the ending does wrap everything up; there's no blatant sequel hooks or anything. It's just that it "wraps it up" without telling you what happened in the final third of the story, but then shows you the end.

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@Klei said:

I think that, TC, you're actually burned of the game. You said it yourself, you haven't slept enough, so you're over sensitive. You also said you loved everything about the game, which means that, even though the ending displeases you, it's far from being a bad game either.

Reconsider your 3 out of 5 in a couple of days when you'll be better rested.

Nope, not really; I was torn between two and three, and gave it the three because I liked it.

The gameplay is pretty clunky and, like, holy shit, the pacing is so bad. One minute you're sneaking around in sewers avoiding little gangs of thugs and looking for water and food to survive (this takes maybe 15 minutes) and the next minute you're doing a thirty-minute skyscraper climb just to light some fireworks on top of it and then slide all the way back down, encountering a randomly Bible-thumping family living within along the way. You can steal their somehow-grown-up-in-this-skyscraper-even-though-this-family-has-been-living-here-for-plural-months tomatoes, and if you take too many, they get irritated at you. Then after that you wander around the hub city thing for the sixth time to get to what turns out to be the final level, wherein you lose your gun and just have your bow (which is actually pretty cool), but instead of making good on this temporary stealth mechanic, the level is over in five minutes. Then the level floods, oh noes!, and you strap this little girl to your back and you're all ready to heroically save her by jumping across these building rooftops... but then you do, in literally twenty seconds. Then the holocaust they call an ending happens immediately afterwards in the space of maybe three minutes.

In terms of "do I think you should go out and get this game and play it right now," the answer is "probably not, unless you're weird like me and liked Silent Hill: Homecoming because of the atmosphere."

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@Dagbiker said:

Lost ended worse.

No way! Not even! Lost at least attempted to resolve everything, even if it pretty much failed in doing so. I AM Alive just goes "yeah... and then, your guy went on to do some stuff, maybe he succeeded in his goals, maybe not, I dunno, but anyways, at some point later on, he turned up dead, and his wife and/or daughter found his body, or at least all of his possessions, somehow, isn't that sad, THE END," in the space of like, sixty seconds.

It would be like if Mass Effect 3 never got made and instead Mass Effect 2 ended with "...and then Shepard went onto unite all the alien civilizations and they worked together to fend off the Reapers oh and by the way Shepard died THE END."