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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Lemme know when you expand this. Would love to see your reflections on some of these. Loved NBA Jam and good old Sonic 2...
Not even sure I beat Sonic 2, come to think of it.

Posted by takua108
@ahoodedfigure: Hey, thanks for reminding me that I made this. When I go home over spring break, I'll bust out my box of Genesis stuff and write down all the games and perhaps write a little about each. Sonic 2 and NBA Jam (and, uh... Barney's Hide and Seek Game [I was born in 1991]) were definitely the most defining games of my childhood. And I never beat Sonic 2, either... eff those last three or so Chaos Emeralds and that Death Egg Zone :)
Posted by ahoodedfigure

You also had 688 attack sub, so you were rather refined for someone so young :) 
I remember the oil refinery area sapped a lot of my lives. I grew to hate that sound when Sonic got squished. I'd have to watch a walkthrough to see how far I got, but as far as I recall there was a point where my will couldn't match the difficulty, much less to get all those emeralds. 
The music was excellent, though. A lot of Genesis games had some really fun soundtracks. 

Posted by takua108
@ahoodedfigure: Now that you mention it, I kind of want to go back and play 688 Attack Sub now that I'm older and can actually comprehend what's going on. I remember playing the first mission over and over for about ten minutes at a time, just trying to figure the game out, before giving up and playing another game. Finally, though, I somewhat got ahold of everything, only to not realize that the first mission is a training mission and that you're not supposed to actually shoot torpedoes at the friendly-but-acting-as-an-enemy-for-the-purposes-of-the-training-mission subs, and getting court-martialed shortly afterwards. :V
Posted by ahoodedfigure

Ha! It's their fault for giving you live torpedoes, the fools! :)  I probably would have done the same thing, although as a kid I always wanted to play sub games. They were pretty much on the PC, and we never really had the kind of machines that could run the latest-gen sub games, so I stuck to specific gaming targets instead.