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P3 is infinitely better than P4, but I guess it's ok if you like both.

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Hey khantael  great link.
I've been watching, don't think it's his first playthrough. Manic mode, lol. Also the current archives starts about 6 hours in or so i think. Maybe even later.
But pretty much exactly what I wanted.
I'm noticing that the Hermit SL is different. No Maya? :(

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I'm hoping someone would do a funny written let's play at some point.

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Def true, but most youtube videos have no commentary, pretty :( that ppl doing the walkthroughs aren't a bit bolder haha. Feels a bit lonely just watching.

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I'm never going to get a PSP but am still looking forward to a read-through. I really want to know how the female mc interacts with the rest of the crew.

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Who cares about server size? It's all virtualized. 
Besides, I bet they have only like 1 install per game per datacenter, and the rest of their server space is purely for storing things like credit cards and achievements. Their costs are probably a lot lower than you think.

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I would love to hear an official answer from GB.

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Whoa Jimmy, OnLive is definitely HD. It just doesn't look as good because the video stream is highly compressed before it gets down to you.  
Also, this is only an argument that really hardcore fanboys would be having lol. Most of the market will not give a damn. Being able to play Crysis with an Intel GMA is all I really want.

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I use Chrome too, I didn't really find any serious inconveniences. 

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I think the bottom status  bar was pretty cool. I'm curious as to why it was removed. Was there a reason, like people really dislike the smaller vertical space, or something?
Before people jump on me for whining or w/e, I'm not asking for it back. I'm just asking a question purely out of curiosity.