Riddle me this, WoW players.

So yeah, World of Warcraft, the social teamwork game where almost nobody is social and the only words exchanged are swears and insults if anyone does not like what is happening on screen.
Lately, on the server where I play, there's been a shortage of tanks (you know, the guys who take all the hits and make lives easy for the damage dealers?) so the wait time for the dungeon tool is very long (10-15 minutes).
I decide, having already within me so much hate for taking up healing/tanking roles due to getting blamed for everything, to gather some equipment to tank instead of heal/deal damage.
Spending most of my ingame time with collecting gear and badges to purchase said gear, I gathered a great set and was able to tank just about anything currently available outside of the 10/25man content, which was not my goal anyway.
Join a group, fully prepared, 35.000 health points, defenses are more then over the required rating and I already tanked before with my warrior long time ago and practiced before joining, and we get one of the pretty recent instances, the The Trail of the Crusader(or was it champions? It's something with a C anyway).
First part consisting of jousting on horseback went great, nothing bad.
Second part, the fight against the opposing faction's champions went horrible.
There's this system ingame that lets you mark stuff, which I do and I inform the group of my just gathered gear and that I might be rusty, so tell em to please attack the skull marked target first, then the X, then the diamond.
You probably guessed it, nobody attacked the right target and shit went rather insane, we managed to pull through but it was messy.
I ask the group what happened and all I get back is: "Fucking noob", "Omg Learn 2play u fucking idiot" and "LOL EBAY".
Tell em to shut up, focus on Skull next time and we go for the next part.
Before I even got a chance to charge the next group, the mage and the hunter were already going all out on everything but NOT the one marked skull.
Chaos ensues once more, situation was manageable and we survived.
This goes on for a while, paired with insults that made my head hurt, ranging from insults to my intelligence to insulting my mother and what not.
Now I know the internet is a horrible place at times, but this was pretty uncalled for, because A) I know how to tank, did it countless times before and B) When I tell people to focus fire on a certain target and they refuse, well it's their own fault, not mine.
 But I digress, the point being we get to the second boss battle, where things go down the drain again.
The hunter and mage go all out once again and don't bother to give me some time to build up some initial threat ( you know, the boss' attention on me).
Things go bad and our healer dies, I then instantly got barraged with more sick insults then I ever heard/saw before anywhere.
I told them to lighten up and look at themselves and left the group, actually being very pissed off.
I could go into details about their classes and the ways they had to shake off some threat or ways they could have helped me with holding threat but I'll just keep it at the fact they were only interested in nuking the living bejesus out of everything, which seems to be the entire WoW mentality nowadays, fuck tactics, nuke em.
So my entire point of this wall of text, other then the fact it's good to write about it instead of murdering basement dwellers, is that I don't really find it that odd that tanks are in short supply.
When the damage dealers have to wait 10-15 minutes for their group it's all so horrible and they need a tank.
Then they get a tank, but not their lifeless overgeared easymode tank, and they just mess up big time, insult and slander someone and in the end just ruining the experience for the entire group, because nobody got anything out of it this way.
People who level solely as tanks will get very put off by this I reckon, not everyone has a second talent build (nor the gold to purchase it yet) or doesn't want to deal damage and just simply tank their way through WoW, so have no other way of getting the items they need to improve their characters if their groups cut them no slack.
They could get some crafted items and quest rewards, but if my gear wasn't good enough for those people, then what a new tank will be able to barely scrounge together will be a massacre...
So yeah, I hope the new WoW expansion puts some more tactics and teamwork back into the dungeons, because this is just self mutilation if you play a tanking role. 



Why are all the gamer communities so fucking on edge?
What's wrong with ya'll?  We're getting insanely cool games, we're doing stuff we never knew could be possible in our lifetimes of gaming and we get groundbreaking titles that are sure to define standards for games to come.
We get massive online games, photorealistic graphics, replay options that will outlast most of us and there's more variety then ever before!
Yet still all you fuckers are growling at each other all day long, and for what bloody reason?
"Whaaa Crysis this"  or "Mario that whaaaa" or whatever.
No matter what developers bring out, be that a platformer like Mario Galaxy or a shooter like Modern Warfare, all ya kids do is moan moan and fucking moan.
Yes things could be better, but no they won't be if you pick fights on forums.
And what's with this "troll" nonsense? It used to be a rarely used word, now whenever someone has says something and someone else doesn't agree that person is instantly "trolling" 
Well bloody hell eh? You guys clearly don't know how to argue so resort to (internet version of) namecalling.
Same goes for slang like "baddie".   
I hate it when people go: "Yeah, I just avoid the bads", meaning a bad player.
Seriously lets grow up and have some decency alright? 
I know it's bloody good fun on the internet, but you're all so on edge!
One wrong word and it's batshit mania, just chill the fuck out.
K? Thanks!
And no, this is not meant for Giantbomb alone, this is meant for generally all them idiots messing up gamer communities.
And why am I posting this here then? Well it's my blog! Ha! Needed to get it out! 8)[


MMO's or: How to ruin someone's fun.

Seriously people!
What is wrong with you all!
I know it's fun to win and stuff, but do you really have to make people feel bad? Insult them? Spam them with idiotic /emotes? Seriously grow up already!
If you win in a fair fight you have bragging rights, but please, grow some fucking balls.
Don't be a tough shit when you kill me in my back or with your friends, especially not if you're gonna run away after and hide because you're scared you won't last in 1vs1!
People need to stop spamming their e-peen everytime they kill an opponent (or actually, their team does while he was running away with 1 HP), it's a bloody game!
What if it happens to you eh? Get ganked till you lose the will to play and people spamming you with emotes/messages/whatever to further ruin your fun.
Fun...I miss that in my online games lately.


I am forced :(

Forced to write here, and like nobody will ever read this! Or maybe some lost site member! Maybe some mod! Maybe Shigeru Miyamoto!
But probably the neighbours 7yr old daughter.
Viva la revolution!
Random enough for ya? :D