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A person's tattoo should be whatever they want it to be. It's their own body.

This. Some have their reasons, most don´t.

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It's what D3 shoulda been.

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Love, dump his ass before he does it to you. He's sucking out your energy and the fact he's not any kind of certain (which he should be around this time) there's not gonna be a better period. He's a idiot, he treated you bad, get out and start living.

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Still a fun game, made better because you actually get decent drops every session...instead of every 3 months.

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Handsome Jack.

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Dunno the levels but:


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Got a Jolteon from someone, but mostly just been receiving Luvdiscs and Zigzag/Bidoofs.

Great idea, bad community. Or just bad luck.

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I love my bike! Made it my official ride when prompted at the start of Online and no regrets since!
I had a headache...so I shared the pain.

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Besides the fact that people are jerks the game is really fun.
Nothing like being chased by some random dude, getting off my bike and running between some houses...only to have him follow on foot and I shoot his face point blank with a sawn off.


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Sold mine a few years ago, none of the parties interested me and I got an offer for 50 bucks. Back then that meant I could eat and live. So easy choice.

Nowadays...I just give up because whatever we seem to vote here in Holland, the opposite still happens anyway.