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I have not enjoyed a FPS since Timesplitters 3. Sure they're fun but they're just not...just not that. Little to no story, insane multiplayer that resorts to quickscope and flying knife tackles and a severe lack of cool weapons. I know it's a shooter but I want things like the Cerebral Bore and Timesplitter's many guns back.

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Bayonetta offers a ride, a linear pace in which you'll be shocked, amazed and challenged.

Far Cry says: Hey, go do shit. I don't care. Story usually takes a backseat with open world games, thus its easier to get burned out on the genre. Picking herbs and skinning animals is fun for a bit but when there's nothing left to craft within an hour of starting Far Cry 3 it kind of gets to me. I could be doing better things with my time than crawl through virtual forests.

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Shut up and take my nuyen!

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Loved it. Although I still kind of miss the Immawreckit Korra from the first season she's grown a lot. And seeing her struggle with the poison was immense. I often wonder if show creators understand what the consequences of making a show can be. Telling stories and developing characters is the best thing ever.

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I really wanted to see King. K. Rool in there but I like the line up.

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A person's tattoo should be whatever they want it to be. It's their own body.

This. Some have their reasons, most don´t.

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It's what D3 shoulda been.

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Love, dump his ass before he does it to you. He's sucking out your energy and the fact he's not any kind of certain (which he should be around this time) there's not gonna be a better period. He's a idiot, he treated you bad, get out and start living.

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Still a fun game, made better because you actually get decent drops every session...instead of every 3 months.