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I've seen a few tv shows here in Holland have 'game experts' come up and try to explain all the hype...they fail kind of hard and then they'll make fun of happy gamers from pictures of the midnight launch.

Sad times.

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I liked it, its exactly who Trevor is.

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Oh god, that lady cop just casually countering him is fucking amazing.

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I took one look, chuckled, and went on about my business.

Every fart and shout gets analyzed and everyone's a critic. I'll see it when I play it and even then, art is art and while I don't like a lot of stuff other people might draw or animate it is not my place to go crazy about it. As long as it doesn't hurt me I don't care. And no, contrary to all the drama, a digital videogame character that looks like Quiet isn't even on my top 100 of worries list.

If anything I'm more offended by all the stereotype big buff spacemarine types than the ladies nowadays. If only for diversity sake.

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I have no love for her, but some of the comments here just...fuck, I feel bad about the human race now because of it. Stop it, seriously.

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The video itself is pretty fun.

But that's not rock and roll, seriously. That brat needs to shut up already.

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My only complaint with Borderlands 2 is that it should drop more special guns at certain intervals. The Sword Gun from Dragon Keep, Sledge's Shotgun from Sledge in BL1, Flynt's Tinderbox from cpt Flynt in BL2.

If there's more decent weapons out there instead of only decent stuff, good stuff and AMAZING stuff, I'd feel more pressed to keep playing. I've literally been playing with the same guns since I hit level 50 some months ago. Kinda depressing and not fun in a loot based game.

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One of the best franchises around. No nonsense, no trying to be something its not. There's monsters, there's crafting, you'll figure it out or die trying.

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Or at least the notion that what I'm accomplishing is enough, I might be too hard on myself.