All I want for christmas and my birthday!

Christmas soon! Birthday too! That means presents!
There's still some games I want to buy but never got around to it or just plain don't got the spare change for it!
Here's a small list for what I hope to get/buy with my money this christmas/birthday!

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Posted by Yummylee

If you haven't played it already, I can confidently assert that you'd enjoy WET. Fucking stylistic as all Hell, with an outstanding era-appropriate soundtrack, and a great set of buns always at the forefront of the screen. Though I imagine that last one isn't... so much of a selling point for you anywhoo :P For around £3, it's been worth it. I made the mistake of starting on Hard mode, though, to satisfy my ego >_> the part where you're diving through the air (in a pre SRTT world, it would of no doubt been pretty impressive :P) was brutal.

Wait, Christmas?... This is a pretty old list isn't it :o Sure would help if the dates would actually show up next to the lists O_o

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong
@Abyssfull: Aye this is quite old by now!
I have purchased and played WET, I liked it but the controls and game were a bit mediocre so I quit halfway through.
Soundtrack was great though, but the game itself lacked polish.
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@TaliciaDragonsong: Yeeah... yeah. The traversal mechanics are pretty clunky to say the least. But diving around blasting fools in the face has done me well so far, and if it weren't the punishing difficulty I've stuck myself with, I would of seen it through to the end. Unfortunately, I was sidetracked by other stuff :P

Also did you like Dante's Inferno? Because for me that was my ''WET''. I played it for a while, but the gameplay didn't grab me at all, even though I enjoyed the Heavy Metal interpretation of Hell and all of the gruesome imagery.

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@Abyssfull: Did not play Dante's yet.
The demo was fun, but its no Bayonetta I'm sure, same like WET, fun idea but how long can it last? 
Still need to play DMC4 and Brutal Legend too.
So much to play T_T
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@TaliciaDragonsong: It's not even any 'God of War' I'd say, which is ironic considering how much of a blatant rip-off it is. The gameplay is pretty damn easy overall and... it's hard to explain why, but it doesn't have the same drive within the gameplay like God of War has.

DMC4 at least I think is brilliant. It's got a severely unfair rep for its recycled environments (you play as Nero during half, then you travel backwards as Dante during the latter), but the tightly honed gameplay is as smooth and responsive as it's always been. Nero is also a really fun character to play as, and Bloody Palace was just as addictive as its DMC3 iteration. It doesn't quite top DMC3 mind you, but it's my 2nd favourite out of the 4.

DMC4 was one of the few games where I actually attempted to move up on the leaderboards. Think I was... in the 200s overall for Dante Must Die mode. Years ago now, so I've no doubt been knocked down a few thousand :P

If you enjoyed DMC3, then I definitely recommend you place DMC4 a little closer to the top of your backlog priority list x).

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I never even played a DMC before outside demos!
But thanks to you I want to now...
They should be pretty cheap, both dante and DMC, so if I finish my backlog (of games I currently own) I will get them! xD
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@TaliciaDragonsong: Huh, I never received a notification for your reply =S

Well anywhoo... wow, I'm kinda surprised. I was always under the impression you at least played one of 'em. Hence why I was rolling on about stuff like Bloody Palace without saying what it actually is :P It's basically just a survival mode; just you and the gameplay without any pesky story to get in the way.

I'm glad I've managed to persuade you in any case. DMC3/DMC4 are fantastic games that need to be played! Especially by someone who enjoyed Bayonetta... which I myself ironically haven't played yet.. I did just recently order it, though, so I'll finally be getting into that. Admittedly Bayonetta the character always turned me off the game... which is a little uncharacteristic of me... She seemed a lil too OTT and whorish, but apparently that's a common misconception that's pretty far from the truth, so I'm curious to see how things go.

But back to DMC, this makes for great timing since the HD collection's just been released, and it's meant to be a suitable port from what I've read. DMC4 is sure to be found pretty cheap too, so you can probably wrap up the series for around... OK, I dunno how it would work in Euros, but around £30-£40 sterling I can say at least :P

Oh, and there's this upcoming DMC reboot too...

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong
Bayonetta is a amazingly weird game, you'll love it.
I'm gonna look for my options regarding DMC and collections and what not, I won't even worry about the new reboot for years.
I do enjoy a story though, like Bayonetta's that blew me away with its craziness.