The best game ever

Its so true.

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When I owned an N64 I never had this game.
I did have Glover.
That's close enough right?

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong
I heard many a great thing about it, sadly I never got the chance to play it.
Still searching through yard sales and stores to find it one day! :(
Posted by Daveyo520

Hmmm, it is great but is Link to the Past better? I always have trouble deciding which one I like more, they are both so good.

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong
Ocarina, no doubt.
The intro will have me sobbing like a maniac, I was humming the hyrule field theme in school and I tried to draw zelda related stuff all day.
Posted by Daveyo520
@TaliciaDragonsong: Aww. I think it is impossible no to hum the music when playing that game :P I love them both so it doesn't matter to me which one needs to be better.
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nice :]