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Its for the dad of a friend of mine.. He used to play an old western game where you have to find nuggets. Game is like 20 years old. Possibly commodore 64..?

I know its not much to go on. Dont have much more info at this time, sorry. Ill post more info if i get it.

Could it have been Gold Rush? http://www.giantbomb.com/gold-rush/3030-8806/

Has anybody played that? Please tell me something about the game if you have and if this could be it. Thanks.

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they are adding Pets to their Hats system..?

Also, the beta updated with "preparations for upcoming features" or something.. i think more news about the family sharing will be released as part of this thing

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anything + Ryan Davis = epic

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The amount of times i just said wtf, woah and this cant be right...

RIP Ryan, you were the top duder!

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@banefirelord: a daily dota special would be cool

@oscar__explosion: he said he'd take a day off specially for this :)

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Seeing that pretty much all good games come to PC as well.. no thanks, maybe later.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft takes the opposite approach to Sony and use this event to talk a lot about the box and how it will be a tv/media box and then use E3 to show off the games. Which might not be a great initial strategy to appeal to gamers but is an overall solid plan. I think E3 should be about games not people reacting and complaining about kinect and tv functionality.

i think they've done it because Sony will show their machine at E3 and they dont feel like going head to head at the same event.

what i dont get is why only america and canada are getting the broadcast.. such a bitch move again to deny the rest of the world the same privilege.

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where were these women when a giant penis erupted on stage at the VGA awards? owwwww right.... it only counts when its female body parts. my bad...

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@Bourbon_Warrior said:

The mission No Russian in COD MW2 is deplorable. Kids are playing that, it's interactive and can't be compared to violent movies because you are the one choosing to shoot all the bystanders in the airport in a mass shooting simulator, it is bad taste and was only in that game to create the controversy or as head honchos like to call "free advertising".

Everything you said would be valid if this was actually a game for kids.. its not a game for kids so they shouldn't be playing it in the first place. Parents and store employees need to make sure they stick with the age on the box. You don't give your 5 year old kid a kitchen knife to play with either.. some things just aren't for kids.