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Certainly not convinced that Joakim is 100% CG, but something's fucky about this. Maybe it's just the bandages, maybe it's just the eyes or maybe it's just the mouth Maybe a combination ?) Who knows.
If there is no payoff to this videogames are dead.

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Any combination of these.

Or Smash Brothers, honestly.

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Just picked this game up... impressions incoming... what do you guys think ?

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Man I thought I was in the dubstep in video games thread, and these comments were confusing me so much.

Now that I'm here I feel like I have to add something, but I haven't read the post... I didn't really like the part of Catherine where you played it !

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Jak n' Daxter HD. The Walking Dead will be second when I play through the last ep !

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Recently started reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and I'm loving it. Absolutely cannot put it down, and that's after watching 2 different adaptations of the book (both the films), and I can say with the utmost certainty that the book blows them away, but I guess that's usually the case.

I also recently picked up J.K. Rowling's new book, which I hope will be incredible (Harry Potter was a pretty big part of my childhood).

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I think that the most recent World of Warcraft expansion is an amazing accomplishment that is worthy of respect. I don't personally think it's my 'game of the year', however I think that it deserves an amount of recognition. I know it won't, because in general, when the gaming press looks into an old MMO's expansion pack they start a new character. I hear loads of gaming journalists talk about how they played the first ten levels and then were dumped back into the old stuff. That's because it takes like, a good 40 hours of play time to make it to the actual new stuff. The expansion offers a great leveling experience, and, in my opinion an excellent end game. The game just feels so refined, so right.

All of the MMO love will fall to Guild War's 2, however, which has, in my opinion, a comparatively awful end game (Which is understandable, being a new game, however, I think you'd be hard pressed to argue that GW2 is a 'better mmo' than WoW MoP.)

And of course, if Journey or The Walking Dead get snubbed for being "Downloadable Games" everything is fucked forever and the world is terrible.

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I think I'd peg myself as a Deist.

It is, basically, the belief in an unspecified higher power, that either doesn't/cannot meddle in the affairs of others. That higher power created the universe, and then left it to tick, much like a clock maker would a clock. Deists do not follow any scriptures, and have no specific rituals.

Either that, or I'm an atheist. I'm not quite sure, the universe is just so complicated.

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So far, Journey and The Walking Dead are the top of my list, so certainly.

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Yes yes yes yes yes. Jumping back into WoW for the most recent expansion put that into such stark contrast for me. Especially since the population has been seriously thinning since launch (in and around the mid level range specifically). Finding a group in SWTOR was nearly impossible when I was last playing it. I am having literally under ten second Q's on my level 60 DPS in WoW, and instant Q's on my level 85 Paladin.

I don't really see how the inclusion of this feature could hurt people, you can still use LFG if you'd like.