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as someone who went from a 360 to ps4 this is good news. obviously never played the game, but def looking forward to it.

pretty unimpressed with the machine thus far, as well as the 100 games list.

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U.N. Squadron, Brute Force, and Mappy Land.

Also, not exactly a sequel but there should be an HD remake of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain..... you mother fuckers.

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Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain you MOTHER FUCKERS!.... sorry...sort of.

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always online doesn't bug me at all, so free xbl would be pretty sweet.

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Having played through Saints Row 3 and now about 15-20% through Far Cry 3, I am enjoying the latter much more than the former.

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Actually just finished XCOM about five minutes ago, and playing thru Black Ops 2 even though the campaign is absolute shit.

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Favorite is XCOM. I'm really starting to hate the campaign to Black Ops 2. Playing the shit out of the multiplayer but the campaign is fucking stupid.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

Alpha Protocol 2

Shit yeah, that's exactly what I was gonna post. I played the hell out of that game.

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@Flappy: I would agree. I really wish i hadn't spent 60 bucks on that game.