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I think I might've gotten myself stuck in a spot in the swamp.

I solved the first big row of tutorial puzzles, but missed the 2nd row and solved the moving platform puzzle to move on to the next section. Except now I feel like I still don't 100% this puzzle concept and I have no clue how to leave where I am. :/

I can't figure out a way to take the platform back, and what I assume to be a shortcut door has two (red) puzzles on it and I'm stumped on the 2nd one.

So is there any way to take that platform back? Or another way to leave that I'm missing? If not, then I either need help or just the solution the 2nd door puzzle so I can leave and do the puzzles I missed to better understand it.

EDIT: Ok I managed to solve it thanks to the other thread talking about the Swamp puzzles! Now I'm taking the boat around to circle around to the start lol.

EDIT 2: and i even learned how to move the platform back and forth, which should've been obvious to me. :(

#2 Posted by Talon64 (287 posts) -

I've made some more levels in the last couple weeks since I posted my first ones on here!

Get A Grip On Tracks (Or Don't) - A level that's more about me getting a grip on tracks than anything.

Fly, Dude! - I never played much of the SMBU games, so this was my first try with this game type and making use of the twirly helmet mushroom. This and the rest of the tracks I'm posting will have some alternate routes, some more hidden or tricky than others!

Very Observant, Ian DeGarmo! - This started out as just a more simple level but then the SMB3 underground gave me some inspiration... And then I gave it a dumb name.

Hit ABC Drama, Castle! - Not starring Nathan Fillion, but it's my first dedicated castle level and my longest (and maybe best?) level to date.

Can You... Get A Grip? - I just made this one tonight. If you move fast enough, you can take advantage of P-Switches to get through faster. And if you time the cannonballs right, there's a secret area with my first try at auto-play kind of stuff!

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I finally got my hands on SMM last week, so here's what I've put out so far as I feel things out.

Piranha Plant Grand Prix, a small race-through-a-maze level on a Lakitu cloud (or two).

VINE STAR (i'm sorry about the name), a small level that may involve some vines and some tight jumps involving vines.

Piranha GP, Then There's Vines, which combines the previous two then adds something extra for the end.

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I've had some pretty lengthy online sessions, but maybe that's just me being lucky with getting on while the servers were working. When they were, matchmaking was quick and games loaded up fast.

Game's a ton of fun, even just in the single player/season stuff!

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Just by some off chance VinnCo is still VinnCo'ing along, I'd like a clan invite! My PSN ID is Rodrant64

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First playthrough, I soloed it. I've sort of soloed it on NG+; I had to summon for the Sinner, those pyro enemies coming in mid battle were a bitch (pre-patch). For bosses I'd already done in NG+ or higher through ascetics my first playthrough, I summoned just to Sun Bro it out.

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Has anyone brought up the primeval bonfires? Is there anything in the game that directly indicates what there role is in the world, something I missed?

They do take you right back to the Far Fire once you light them. It could just be an easy mechanic for going back to the hub with that area of the game complete, or does that indicate a connection between them all?

I'm just going to throw this out there to either be torn down or be supported, but could the primeval bonfires, the Far Fire, the Throne of Want, whatever the other flames on the map represent... Could ALL of that, in combination as some kind of network, make up the Kiln of the First Flame? And the Throne is the final catalyst to determine whether it becomes fully lit or either stops at that point or all gets snuffed out? For that to work, the primeval ones would have to be fragments or offshoots of the First Flame or something, although they're whole yet broken bonfires so it might fall apart there.

If that's viable at all, then you could argue that all of Drangleic itself is the Kiln. The entire basis of the kingdom is to act as the Kiln.

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I just beat the Rat Authority solo in NG+ today, which I'm very happy I did now. Took three tries but far fewer than I needed in the first play through.

Never thought Last Giant was very hard, but Lost Sinner NG+ was probably the toughest fight for me and I ended up summoning to beat him.

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The Cowardly Strongman.

High strength, dexterity and endurance to use the tankiest weapons and armor; by the time I left the first playthrough I was rocking a fully upgraded mastodon halberd, grym shield and nearly fully upgraded smelter demon set at <70% equip load.

Buuuuuuut half the time I just plunked at enemies with a bow, by the end of the game the dragonrider bow. Fully upgraded and rocking magic, lightning and dark arrows to cheaply take out enemies at range with authority!

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