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I picked it up on PS3.  Read somewhere they lead development on PS3 (think it was some news post on Destructoid, but I'm not sure) and decided to do it on a whim.  That, and it was the first copy my eyes went to on the shelf for some reason.

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I'm not really diggin scenario campaign, but I didn't hate it until the battle with Alisa.  I just want to disengage my fucking lock-on so I can run around and pick up bloody chickens!

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@DystopiaX: They're both the same thing.  And its both armor and an outfit, if that makes any sense...
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So it's like 2:30 in the morning over here, and after 20+ hours of crap, I finally got the Armor of Altair.  I personally think it looks amazing.  I never liked the half-cape thing Ezio wears, but this totally makes up for it. 

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@xyzygy: No, I originally bought it about a month after it came out.  It recently broke down (recent being about a month ago), and I sent it in.  It came back, and I noted that it was still having some picture-based issues.  As in, the image wouldn't display correctly.  As time went by, it got worse until it just froze and locked up on me.  This was three days after receiving it back, so I sent it back in, and yeah, it's fixed now.  I think... 
@TyphoonSwell: I do clean mines, although it's more of a monthly thing for me.  I don't so much as take it apart, though (I believe Sony won't touch it if it's been opened and is in need of service/repair).  It just take out the hard drive and use some compressed air.  No, this was just an issue of overheating.  And tons of use.  That's the problem with modern technology, you know?  It just kinda tears itself apart after a while...
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This is the second time it went to the shop.  The first time, I had about three days before it wigged out and I had to send it back.  That's about a month of combined no-PS3 time.  Do you know how happy I am right now!? 
So, yeah, playing Assassin's Creed 2.  Unlike the first one, I am compelled by an almost mind-controlling urge to do every little thing in this game, so it's going to be a while before my review's up.  Dragon Age review will be up sometime next week, and if not, the week after.  Both are superb games, and you should be playing one of those two right now.  Or, y'know, Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2, Borderlands...it's been a pretty good time for some excellent games.  I'm genuinely surprised by the quality and quantity of games coming out this holiday season. 
Not that the holidays are that dry, in terms of good game releases.  I just tend to skip out on all of them until the summer, when I feel the drought really hit, you know? 
Anyways, I'm gonna go kill these guards.  Just wanted a blog bump, so I'll talk to y'all later!

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@Void_Wizard: After creating the character and watching the opening cutscene, speak with the first girl you see.  Do the bottom answer when it prompts up.  Then go up the stairs and to the door on your right (may have to click around until you get to it, it looks kinda like curtains).  go to the second from last option, which will send you to a new floor.  Go into the room at the end of the hall, and watch the cutscene.  After that, you'll be in your room.  Go out of your room, exit that floor and go back to the 1st floor.  Talk to the lady at the counter, answer the bottom option. 
From there you can select missions.  Just go to any mission, the last one is actual field missions while the 1st 5 are tutorials.  I suggest going through the tutorials, they aren't that hard to figure out.  After you select a mission, it'll make a weird noise and "mission" will pop up next to your name.  Go to the top of the stairs, out the front door to enter that mission. 
This is a lose explanation.  I speak, like, a pathetically small amount of Japanese, but I can understand enough to give this little walkthrough.  Hope it helps, and have fun!
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@MrKart: I'm thinking, y'know, he hasn't played the game, it'd be hard at first to find his way without a strategy guide or something.  I mean, anyone can find their way through any game in the minimum amount of time required with a strategy guide.  But my first time playing the game was a good 20-22 hours.  Of course, I level like a madman, found the best weapons, and was raping Dracula at level, like, 70+.  But that's just me. 
Yeah, you can probably beat the game in 10-15 at level 40 or something.
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@MadaPaka34 said:
" Something funny I noticed about the way people perceive hip-hop and rap is that there are always two major extremes in every discussion. On one end, you've got the absolute haters who default the entire genre to being about  cash, bling, drugs, hoes, etc. Obviously, a lot of emcees and rappers have plenty of songs in which they don't wax about these topics; anyone who refuses to see that is just ignorant.  These people also make the assumption that the genre takes no skill because of the absence of instruments; try producing a beat or even following along with a remotely skilled rapper and there's bound to be trouble.  On the other side of the spectrum, you've got hip-hop/rap "fans" who think every single thing released by an "underground" rapper is the greatest thing since the invention of the Internet. These are the same people who  deem some rappers "street philosophers" and "geniuses". Some artists make some really good music, but let's not get carried away here. Many people who blindly support hip hop and rap also tend to forget that even the best of  the genre, ) I'm looking at you, Biggie and Pac) have talked about some ignorant ass shit in large number of their songs.   As for me? I like myself some hip-hop and rap music. Sometimes it has meaning, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I like to hear some thought-provoking stuff. Sometimes I just want music to drive or move around to. "
Well spoken. 
Me, personally, I'm a lover of all kinds of music, but I usually tend to stay underground, "indie" if you will, with almost everything I listen to.  I think the best rappers today are the underground acts, but there are some genuinely good artists who are mainstream.  I believe that the best are geniuses in their craft, though, and that can be either the good mainstream acts or the underground ones. 
And I believe this about mostly every genre of music.  So, yeah, I like rap.  I like hip hop.  I think both are great, as are rock, metal, alternative, jazz (especially jazz), blues, country, etc.
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You can beat it in a weekend if you want to get the bad ending.  Mind you, the bad ending isn't horrible - it's certainly better than the "super bad ending," which is, of course, death - but it's not the best you can hope for.  For the best ending, expect about 20-30 hours.