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An FPS for an RPG player... 0

Before I begin this review, I need to point out two things.  One, I am not an avid fan of FPS games.  I've played some Halo (which I hated), some Killzone 2 on my PS3 (which I tolerated), and some Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (which I really liked), but I don't go near a new FPS unless it's introduced to me by one of my more well-trusted amigos.  I don't think FPS games are bad, they're just not my thing (although I've been on the Borderlands hype train for a few months now, admittedly).  I al...

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Dissidia - The new crack 0

I have never thought of owning a Playstation Portable.  I've never been much of a handheld gamer, with my busy schedule, college, family, friends, girl friend, etc.  The list goes on.  And then I heard about Dissidia: Final Fantasy, and my thoughts about handhelds swiftly changed. Dear Friends, I have been a Final Fantasy fan since I played Final Fantasy IV (known as FFII in the US at the time) back when I was nine, at a friend's house, going through games he was ready to pack up and sell in his...

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