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I think it'd help if you added the IP to the OP.

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"GTA5 will be announced for PC before the first half of 2014 is over."

I still have a small stretch left, but I really don't think it's happening.

At least I was right about it not coming out in Spring 2013!

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I love this. Brad is great. Everything is great. I love this site.

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oh my god these are amazing please do more because you are talented as fuck

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I love stuff like this.

I really like your writing style too.

Reading this, I was instantly reminded of how the Duels of the Planeswalkers games (new ones, not Microprose one) give the AI a TON of tools to cheat in lieu of actually coding competent, challenging AI. The enemy AI can see your hand at all times, the top card of your deck, and can re-arrange the top several cards of their own deck at whim (they can see those at any time, too)

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@crithon: I'm not going to take writing advice from somebody who gets "you're" and "your" mixed up. Sorry!

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interesting blog, but I think you spend too much describing the combat silly names that you only spend less then two sentences as to why you enjoyed it. Your falling into a trap of what is a terrible waste of time in most beginner video game reviews. But really what you get out of it far more rewarding then the arbitrary naming design the marketing team came up with. Even if you feel it's important to list these aspects of the game please put more opinions because then your just selling a product like a car or a microwave.

And yes, the combat is fun, like more of a puzzle/rhythm game then really an conventional JRPG design. I honestly feel the naming is pretty silly.

It isn't a review, though. It's me attempting to explain why the combat is more interesting than a lot of people think it is.

I have a few actual reviews on my profile. If you want to see how differently I wrote those than this, feel free.

@flappy Hey thanks!

@c2c "Now you omitted something really big in the blog, and that is auto-battle. We can talk all day about the actions each character can take, but as a player I don't need to actually need to care when the auto battle does that for me."

I didn't really mention auto-ability because that's not really the crux of the game's combat by any stretch. It's sort of like a car: the engine (paradigm shift) is the most important part. You need the wheels (auto-ability), but they're kind of a solitary aspect, while the engine is really what drives every other system at play forward.

Damn that was a bad analogy. I think you understand what I mean, though.

Wowee, guys. 120 comments. I realize this isn't a huge amount but it's pretty significant for me.

Thanks a bunch for reading, even if a lot of you do really strongly disagree with me.