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I have a feeling there will be co-op, with a woman........who has cat like qualities.

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I loved MGS4 because it was a very personal experience, over the years I've developed a deep connection with the MGS universe and in particular Snake, so MGS4 felt as if Kojima and his team had created the final game just for me, while it might be considered as pandering to the fans exclusively, I think that was the only way that MGS series could recieve a fitting send off. I loved every facet of MGS4 - feature length cut scenes and all.

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Soul Calibur 4

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My friend bought 'The Club' for himself and tested it on my console.....i guess thats  pretty embarrassing

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Haven't listened to it yet, I usually listen to podcast just before sleeping - looking forward to this weeks ep.

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Still too early to decide for me

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Saints Row, i thought it was a terrible game, the gameplay was fine but it the overall atmosphere put me off, it was over-the-top for no reason, I played it until i heard the advert for 'freckle b***hes', shows that while it's easy to copy the gameplay of GTA it's alot harder to capture the humor.

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Dom because he's a complete idiot, his terrible AI makes him such a lovable and endearing character, no but seriously - Cole.

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Going to have to go with Act 3, I love it but in comparison to the others it is probably the weakest of the bunch.

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