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@edgework: That's my fault, I never actually read through the entire OP... I skimmed. Thank you for being patient and answering my question anyway, I've adjusted the RSS feed and will probably see it working tomorrow.

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I have been receiving the "Jeff Video Error" on all my RSS feed video downloads. Have been using my Synology NAS "Download Station" app for the past couple years without error. I have a premium account and have it set and have not updated my password since.

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Update: This also happened to the new DOA video!!! Which is available to everyone right?

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I noticed that my Synology downloaded the new MGS 5 video labeled mc_mgsv_ep25_03152016_Ddkg23b3_4000.mp4 and it was all words and Jeff saying some message about it could be my authentication or "another" error. I'm thinking something else is going on as the MGS 5 part 25 is no where to be found on the website. Did this happen to anyone else?


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He actually did this or was it just something you made up?

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@mb: That's true

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Has there been any mention for when the videos from E3 will be converted and posted to the GiantBomb website?

My server downloaded from the RSS feed a bunch of files that I assume are from youtube, would love to get those downloaded in HD like I do all the other videos.


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I agree with the camera 100%.

I kept looking for a way to turn off the motion blur... whew my head!

Is GB not doing a quick look of this? I see they put up the demo instead!

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Does anyone know if I could get this to work with my Synology NAS box?

To auto-download HD videos?

How about making them specific to Quick Looks and Premium Subscriber??


Edit: Looks like I can add an RSS feed using "Download Station". I can set it up to download by user, or a schedule. I will definitely test this out!!! Would be great to no longer experience the video streaming lag I have been encountering (and fixed a little with my last troubleshooting). Thanks for the URL and instructions, made my life a lot easier!

Does anyone else around use a Synology Box to auto-download RSS feeds?