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Just as nobody wants games designed with a controller or keyboard/mouse in mind on their cell phone, why would anyone want a game designed for the cell phone on their desktop?

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Soooooo......videos won't be downloadable anymore?

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An Update: I've been watching the pages for a bit now and there seems to be a page break every time there is a link. It does not happen on the front pages or when I am logged out. It does affect the forums. This formating error seems to be specific to opera (I haven't tried previous versions to narrow it down further yet) I have included another comparison screen shot from a recent screened.com story.

This is making it very hard to read and enjoy the Whiskey family of sites.

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I just wanted to chime in and say this is happening to me too. I usually just start to download the videos and come back later to watch them and it really sucks to come back to 3 or 4 failed downloads because of connection dropping.

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1. What browser are you using? ( Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 6, etc. etc.)

Opera version 11.11 build 2109

2. What Operating System are you using? ( Mac, Linux, Windows, etc, etc)

Windows 7 Professional

3. What is the exact link to the page you are having a problem with?

Every news page across all of whiskey media, does not affect the front pages. I have provided a screen shot for reference.

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@floodiastus said:
" no DIRECT X 11 shaders, wtf. BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! "
Not just no Direct X 11 - no Direct X 10!! Seriously? We're still on DX9?  DX10 came out in 2006... 
And when did the 360 come out?

Ugh! Why must they develop for console first, i'll bet those "optimized for gamepad" menus will be no better than Borderlands PC port
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I guess I can understand the bandwidth concerns but it's a real bummer still, and it's kinda weak for branding. "Here is a service we offer that's uniquely ours...*whisper* but you have to use a third party to get it, even if you pay us"

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Right, I appriciate that list being put together, and thank you for pointing it out to me. But those links go to JustinTV and as I mentioned the streaming is choppy here and I am looking for a download option.

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Is there any reason why TNT isn't archived for download on the site, like the Happy Hour is?

I am unable to watch it live and JustinTV doesn't support downloading. I have the fastest internet they offer in my building an streaming is still choppy so that's a poor option.

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The Norton thing is an ongoing theme ...