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Do you only look at the blockbuster triple A titles and then make that your image of video games?

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That is absolutely, indefensibly stupid.  You're trying to blame your failure, lack of will, and ease of being manipulated on a system that has no real effects whatsoever. Achievements don't change the way you play, your pitiful desire to have a larger meaningless number than others does. Nobody is forced to pay any attention to the achievement or trophy system in the slightest. If you don't want to replay a game just because you won't get a make-believe reward, the problem is your spoiled sense of entitlement.   I don't get the fascination some have with achievements, and the whole thing strikes me as a bit silly. However, I really can't understand the prats who complain about achievements "ruining" games. In nearly all cases, the problems lie with the plaintiff who simply bitches for the sake of bitching and avoids recognizing that their folly lies in their ineptitude.  I cannot think of a single case in which achievements have had any effect on my gaming habits. They are a great business scheme that entice some and can be easily ignored by anyone. Fucking grow up.
A truly surreal post to behold. It's sorta tautological. Yeah, you've never been compelled by achievements. You don't have the same kind of completionist drive. Of course you won't understand. That doesn't make people who pursue them stupid. You don't even seem to have a really good grasp on what achievements are or what their relation to "real" objectives in the game are, since they're virtually the same thing. There is no difference between people who feel the need to get all the achievements in a game and people who feel the need to beat the main story in every game they buy, and the latter are very, very common.
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Tim the Corsair just said what I wanted to say perfectly. That's exactly it.

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Honestly I think games like CS 1.6 and Source handle it perfectly. They're highly skill based. Yeah there's one hit kill mechanics, but you can never rightfully bitch about a death; the best players would beat whatever chumps you're up against 100% of the time, so you could have won that round had you played it better, so what are you complaining about? That's the kind of attitude I want in an online multiplayer match. One hit kill is just a heavy punishment for it, meaning that players who make fewer mistakes are heavily(and instantly) rewarded. If a game is less skill based and has more random luck in it than Counter-strike I think it's just frustrating, though.

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seroiusly theres nthing comming out for months...wth am i suppose to to do
Play an old game? You have literally like 40 years of video games to work with. You have not played all of those games,or even all the good ones.
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A good enough hacker will get through any security if they put their mind to it. I realise that this is incredibly entertaining to these hackers, but it's becoming kinda old hat at this point.

These guys are just using scripts, there's no talent here what so ever, it's just coming down to Sony having incredibly poor security.

Also, I believe Microsoft have never been hacked in any form. I find it hard to believe no one has tried.

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People are dying for Skyrim because Oblivion.

Pfft to this. Elder Scrolls had a fanbase before Oblivion, you know. Morrowind sold extremely well and all four games before it had cult followings.
Hell, Bethesda has been invoking Morrowind in talking about Skyrim.
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Ultimately, I really think that control schemes are a big part of the game and how it's presented. This is bad of me but I see using the original control scheme as the more "authentic" way of approaching an old game. Starcraft is a really good example. When you look at Starcraft 2, everything's sorta on the left side of the keyboard. That's a pretty comfortable place for hotkeys to be and the game makes it so if you want to you can really just use 1-6 when it comes to number keys, practically never hit the I button(fucking infestation pit piece of shit hotkey fhgeaghaefhyua), and be all good playing the game. It seems minor, but this is actually a huge departure from Starcraft: Brood War. 
One of the essential things about Brood War, that dramatically(and I mean DRAMATICALLY) impacts the game, how it plays out, how you get good at it, how you think about approaching it, how it plays out in a competitive environment, etc is how much harder it is mechanically than Starcraft 2. One of the things that makes it so hard is that pretty much the whole keyboard is used. You make overlords constantly as Zerg, and that's O, but you also make hydralisks, which is H, and zerglings, which is Z, and you make drones which are D. Marines are M and siege mode is O. Probes are famously on P, and like all workers they need to be produced nonstop at the beginning of the game, which forces Protoss players to hotkey their nexuses to 8, 9, and 0. This is a really, really big deal. It actually increases the skill cap of the game, which is huge in any competitive game.  Mods exist to change these keys, and you can rebind stuff in Starcraft 2, which is fine, but in BW you are actually expected not to use mods in a multiplayer environment. The keys are considered to be a big part of the game and set in stone. Not just out of fairness; anyone could use a mod, potentially. It's out of the fact that this is the way the game is, and according to BW fans, it's better that way.
Just some food for thought.

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I'm currently penning a piece for publication on whether or not going professional takes the "fun" out of gaming and am looking for some pros to chat with. I thought the GB community might be able to help! Reply or message me if you know anyone.
If you want to interview SC pros you could try to go to Teamliquid, create an account, and PM some pros there (they all have accounts under their own names). I don't know if it'll work but they have interacted with randoms from the community in the past, as long as you appear professional, polite, and make sure it doesn't sound like a troll.
Yeah exactly. You don't even need to PM some huge name dude that gets thousands of messages like an actual member of Liquid or Incontrol or someone. Even I've had Nerchio respond to me on the forums and he's pretty good.
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I hear you. If you don't already have the iron laying around it's more expensive to solder it anyway.