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I can't get HD to work now.

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Has there been any news on where they've ended up recently?

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If I do do it, it will be 32 cubes no fly, seeing how fast I can do it. And there are plenty of slower games that are speedrun(pokemon). I thought of doing this because I wanted to watch someone speedrun Fez.

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So I'm thinking of trying to go ahead and try and do a fez speedrun. I'm just unsure about a few thigs. Should I be able to fly? And what abotut the clock cubes(that seems tedious). Is it a viable game for a speedrun, or should I go somewhere else?

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I think you may be right. Not that it really matters.

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@Kosikutioner: Theres a specific room with the tetris pieces with a purple monolith that lights up with different patterns that you can use to figure out the tetris pieces. One of the classrooms I believe helps you with the numbers.

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@Barrabas: Yeah apparently you have a f'ed up head. I thought it would be all cryptic but they talk super casual. Its kinda funny.

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So I wasn't able to get down the first line of text between the two of you, but this is what the cube says the first time you meet.

The first line says something about it being your guide and calling you hexahedron. the rest is word for word

so this is just a routine procedure but i do need someone here just in case something goes wrong

if something does go wrong you are going to have to clean up the mess

hey wait a minute can you even understand what i am saying and what is wrong with your head

oh well you are here now might as well do this thing prepare to have your mind blown

This is where you are first spun

all right welcome to the club enjoy your free hat

i kind of thought maybe this would not work because of your weird head but everything looks aok from over here

thanks for the hand you can go home now it was very nice to meet you

Then you make it blow up. Which I didn't want to do because he seemed like a cool dude.

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So how do you get the luchadeer skin?

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Red Dead Fucking Redemption!