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RIP duder. :(

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The devs keep putting out new content that is keeping with the rest of the game in terms of story and play. So if that interested you to start with, they're bringing out more of that. They seem to be working on auxiliary weapons now that can add a little more customization I suppose.

The community has noticeably shrunk, but it's not dead, yet. GW2 got a significant amount of people to leave, but I also believe it's the same thing as always: people complete all the content and leave. They've filled out the whole wheel or completed all the dungeons on nightmare or maxed out their gear and just got bored. That, I'm afraid, is really easy to do as this game is all about repetition.

Once you are finished with the content from quest givers, which except for a few more challenging quests is done solo (and even the "hard" ones can be done solo with the right builds), you are faced with repeating old content. If you are interested in learning more abilities in order to get better, build a new role, or max out the wheel, then you will be repeating Transylvania quests for quite a while. The dungeons, while fun initially, get boring because you start off in normal dungeons, move to elites versions of the normal ones, and then move to nightmare versions of the normal/elite ones.

That said, people still look for groups for these dungeons regularly and often. You will however be rolling the dice. As with any game, you have the elitists who will refuse to take you unless you already have the best gear and know exactly what to do and on the other side of the spectrum you have good people who are willing to take on new folks and educate.

I haven't had the other channels on since launch. It was pretty typical MMO chatter then and my patience for such is limited. I don't know how much they're talking, but I do see several people around the various mission hubs when I do pop in game and the travel hub (Agartha) is always full and laggy during primetime.

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You can reach level 30 or slightly higher within the four free regions. Even then, if you do deeds (which I will grant you are mostly boring grinding) in each region available to you just with one character, you'll have more than enough Turbine Points to purchase a quest pack without having to spend real money. That is, if you continue playing.

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This has made my day.

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I can understand being upset that a game isn't coming to your preferred platform or this in case, not in time for a specific preorder bonus. However, one must weigh the benefits of their loyalty to a platform against their desire for the deal. In the end, each consumer has no business complaining if they give up one for the other.
What I find funnily offensive is BioWare saying on their forums that a deal with Steam "just didn't happen in time" or something to that effect. I find that excuse laughable and it would be insulting if they actually thought we were dumb enough to believe that. EA managed to work out deals with many retailers and digital distributors in a dozen countries and close to as many languages, but they somehow just couldn't work out a deal with the biggest PC digital store? Hardly. I understand the corporate smokescreen and not outright saying that they were purposely not releasing it on Steam to take a stab at them, but I don't like it and would have preferred silence over that lame excuse.

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Add a game... -> Activate a Product on Steam. It says you can enter your retail key or Steam key in order to register the game.

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@jozzy said:

" @Double0hFor said:

I thought Shadowbroker was the last DLC for ME2? "
Shadowbroker came out the same day as WItch Hunt, which was the last for Dragon Age Origins. However, no one at BioWare said Shadowbroker was the last ME2 DLC.
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@RE_Player92 said:
" Why does this story have like 1000 comments on it?  "
Either people are really interested or to finish the new community quest.
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 3D isn't new and it baffles me why so many people are trying to sell it now as the next big innovation. I say no. I'm not wearing another set of glasses. I would also guess that most developers will use it as a crutch. If they make 3D their selling point, then they will focus less on other parts of the games. I expect a few actually good 3D games and tons of crap whose only selling point is having 3D capabilities.

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You still have access to the map and will be traveling a little bit. I've never deviated from the endgame at that point so I don't know the extent of what's still available, but I imagine you'd be able to do some things (or everything) if you avoid wherever the game is telling you to go.

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