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I went through this about a year ago when I played it for the first time. In my defense I haven't played Skyrim or any of the Fall Outs, so I haven't seen the iterations to the formula, but I for sure went through that feeling also. Enjoy!

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That was nice of you to post anything at all, thanks man always love this stuff. Get well and take the bus!

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@SpaceRunaway: I actually picked up ESPN Extreme a week ago and will be playing it soon. Seemed pretty cool even if it looked a little outdated.

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It's really cool to hear everyone's own personal experience with the game. When I started blogging about the retro games I am playing through, I just wanted to add more meaning to playing old games. This is better than I expected lol

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The 2nd game in my retro game playing quest was Battle Arena Toshinden. Like the Ace Combat Series, I had never played one of these before. With me playing so much Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat on the SNES, I was really interested to see how the first fighting game on the PS1 played. I have to say after playing for the first 15 mins, I almost put the game back in the case and moved on. After playing a lot of DOA 4 when it came out, I see that the 3-D fighting genre has come a long way. I didn't give up on Toshinden though as I wanted to experience all of the characters and see what the game had to offer. Something weird happened and the game actually grew on me! I can't say it was the actual gameplay, but it was everything else. Something about the characters and the different weapons they each had kept me going until I had beaten the game with everyone. It may not have been the funnest game to play but I've certainly played worse. Whoopin on someone with Rungo's big ass club made it a bit more enjoyable as well. Seeing your foe ring out after smashing them in the face with a big bat is fun no matter how old a game is. I had planned on playing the games in some kind of release date order until I recently got all 3 Syphon Filters for less than $20 bucks with SF3 being sealed! This was one of my favorite series back in the day and can't wait to see if these games old up. Until next time...

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For me, it adds replay value to games that I really like. I would like to see the achievements for a game spread out in a way that would make you experience the best parts of a game. Something like Oblivion comes to mind, where you only get achievements for guild quests and main story quests. It would be nice to see them incorporate the many great side quests and hundreds of locations so that it would lead players to go off and discover more, which is some of the best times I had with the game. Adding rare in game items or gamer pics and avatar items would make achievement hunting that much better as well IMO.

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@EquitasInvictus: Yea that would add some replay value for sure. As far as Air Combat goes, everything looks like this...

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Canton, OH. Added to the map

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@SexyToad: Thanks for the kind words, nice to meet you. Yea I hope to someday, have heard about those games.

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