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Will video encoding still be an option with the i5 or more specifically for the build you mentioned above? Thanks again!

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So after some research I've done today, I had a few other questions.

First off what is overclocking and why would anybody need that or want that?

Second in your list of parts above I notice you went with the i5 as opposed to the i7. Would it be more important to have an SSD or a better CPU? From the original research I had done, I was set with thinking the i5 was fine for what I needed. I guess I'm just trying to see what an i7 would do for me over an i5.

Thanks again for everyone's help, there's a reason I come to this site all the time because the people seem great!

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Thanks a ton, I really appreciate the recommendations!

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Thank you everyone! I think I have what I need now to put in some research and with everyone's suggestions, really considering trying to build it myself. I have about a $1,200 - $1,400 budget including monitor, keyboard, mouse and maybe some software. If my money can go further by building it myself vs a prebuilt, I'd rather build it myself.

As for what games I would want to play, pretty much anything honestly. I want to be able to play anything that comes out from a graphics point of view for the most part. On the video editing side, I want to do game capture as well as streaming. Is my budget in line with what I want to do or should I expect to pay some more? Thanks again for everyone's help.

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@believer258: "why would I pay more for this 7200RPM HDD", "why would I pick a SSD over an HDD". These questions seem to be where I'm at. I have some base knowledge for every day office type functions, but when it comes to gaming and what I need to look for that's where I'm lost. Also with me wanting to do video editing, I know some things that would make a good gaming computer may not be what I need for video editing. Am I right in assuming I need sizeable RAM for video editing?

I was looking to start with this pc build to get me started and maybe tweak some things for what I needed. Thank you for your help!

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Hey duders!

I want to get a PC for some gaming as well as video editing. I've been a console gamer my entire life and at the age of 28 I feel like my computer knowledge is like age 60. I don't trust myself to build a PC yet so i've been looking at sites like ibuypower.com that seem to offer nice packages with the choice to upgrade or downgrade various components. I don't simply want to ask what specs I should be looking for when it comes to processor, graphics card and everything else. I actually want to learn what I need to be looking for.

I started doing some research, but am feeling overwhelmed at the amount of info out there. I'm really looking for a beginner's guide to this sort of thing to help with terminology and just help get me a base knowledge for this stuff. So go ahead and laugh at my ignorance, and then please help and thanks in advance!

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I went through this about a year ago when I played it for the first time. In my defense I haven't played Skyrim or any of the Fall Outs, so I haven't seen the iterations to the formula, but I for sure went through that feeling also. Enjoy!

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That was nice of you to post anything at all, thanks man always love this stuff. Get well and take the bus!