LETS PLAY Civ V: WOTAW DLC (EGYPT) on Deity difficulty

Hey everyone! I decided to get back into Civ and Giantbombing again and have started this LP series. Check it out if interested -- I'm playing on the hardest difficulty and failing miserably! So if you want to watch me doing battle with the barbs and barely surviving then click here and like/favorite/subscribe!

So far I've managed to defeat all invading barbarians. I've built three cities on the Nile, two coastal cities near Alexandria and two below on the main part of the river.

Greece has declared war on us but it doesn't seem like an immediate threat as they are way across the map.

It seems like we can easily take all of North Africa since there are no other civs or city states there...and we've managed to secure almost all of Egypt's territory leading up to Sinai. We are currently making an expedition into Libya to deal with a barbarian camp. After we take it, I think we will build yet more military units and launch an invasion into Sinai.

I'm not really sure what I can do to build up our score and I haven't really focus on doing the DLC's objective! to build wonders...but right now it doesn't seem possible to build any wonders for some reason. Maybe I just don't know how the DLC works. If someone knows what I'm supposed to do, let me know!

Other than building cities and expanding, I think I will try to build a navy and see if we can't deal with the Greeks.

Stay tuned for part 8 tonight!


Back in the saddle...

Hello all!
I am back to giant bombing in giant bombland land!
Yes, I've been away for some time.  But fear not!  I have returned!!1
So anyway, if you didn't catch the reference in the title I have been up on the latest games and even have a PS3 now (those of you remember when I debated sleepless nights which was the better console...you'll hear more from me on this later).   I have quite a sizeable gaming collection going on the Wii right now and it's constantly expanding.
The first review I will be doing will come up Wednesday night where I will be discussing Modern Warfare 2.  I will definitely be making a blog post as well and may even do a youtube video for it :D
I want to move quickly on this one because next week (spring break!) I will be covering Batman Arkham Asylum...the best game ever (ok not really but definitely top 5 ever).
I also have some rants coming on Assassin's Creed which I am sure will stir up the pot, as well as some flaming for DiCE on BF1943 and BF BC 2 (I know it's not out yet but I played the beta for QUITE some time) and I can see the detour they have constantly been taking since BF2.  Be ready for some serious bashing and criticism.
So get ready for the new and improved TariQari bombing run!
Tari out.


List of things to do

For those of you looking for a blog post, disregard this as spam. I didn't have a notepad in front of me when I wrote this so I am writing it here:

  1. Write a real blog entry
  2. Put some information in bio.
  3. Upload pics for: JK2, BF2, SWG, BF1942, PotBS
  4. Do laundry
  5. Read some books
  6. Add an article for JK 2
  7. Add a review for JK 2
  8. Add an article for JK:JA
  9. Add a review for JK:JA
  10. Add more to this list later on


Holy points Batman!

So I woke up like a few hours ago (tired from bombing all night long) and I was pleased to find myself with 448 points. I went to the forums to read and only a minute later on my profile page, the number doubled! First ever to have their points doubled in one minute? I'm not sure but I do know that it definitely feels awesome!


Guide to making your own Custom List!

So some people have been having trouble figuring out how to make a list. Well I did to until about an hour ago, now I know how!

So here is a visual guide using pictures to show how to make a list:

Step 1: Click on something of interest which you plan to add to your new list. In this example, we'll choose Battlefield: Bad Company

Step 2: On the Battlefield: Company page, click on "Add to list" in the top right corner.

Step 3: A small java/flash window should pop up. Click on the button "Custom List"

Step 4: Now fill in the description for the new list your making. Don't forget to title it!

Step 5: An additional window should pop up, asking you for a description of why you are adding this to the new list. Click submit when finished.

Step: 6 Your done! All you need to do is access your new list! Click the X button in the corner, then head to your profile page, then your list page.

Step 7: Scroll down your list page. You should see your new list! Congratulations! Your now a Giant Bomber Pro! Go out and celebrate, take the kids too! Just make sure they don't bother other people...