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I don't know if this is a "wrong" question or whatever, but I really want to know what this game is actually about? I mean besides just wandering off aimlessly.

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The Sonic Adventure games.

This would have to be my answer too. It was quite shocking to say the least especially when you take into account how they gave us some of the best music to ever be in any video game ever.

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I mean it's good but it's no Tails theme. The first Sonic Adventure was awesome with every character having their own theme, it's perfect.

Weird. Everyone I know loves at least the original Sonic Adventure. I admit I never played the 2nd one, but I have no reason to suspect people hated it?

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Far Cry 2. SO what if the outposts respawn all the time? You'd rather the game be empty vast amounts of wilderness? On a side note, I hated Far Cry 3 because I thought it was too linear, the story sucked, the AI was inferior compared to FC2, the graphics were inferior compared to FC2, and it felt like there were less options all around when it came to dealing with enemies. Pretty much every option in FC3 made you lean toward "just blow everything up because it's faster," whereas in FC2, if you tried that you would be in for a world of hurt. You actually had to think very tactically in FC2 if you wanted to succeed.

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@tariqari: You cant stream a game out from a PS4 to the PlayStation TV and be playing another game from the same PS4. Its basically sending the video feed from the PS4 over WiFi rather then the HDMI port and being controlled by the PSTV, this way it is more convenient then having to move the PS4 itself to another room to use another TV. A PS4 still only has so much processing power, you cant just magically make it play two full PS4 games.

Then you also wouldn't be able to use the PS4 for anything else while that is happening, correct? Like say someone want's to use the PS4 for Netflix, then you can't stream games to the PSTV?

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Playstation TV is basically just a Vita that can be hooked up to a TV with limits on games it can play.

Pretty much this. It'll play some Vita and PSP games as well as whatever PS1 games work on the Vita. There are streaming apps on Vita like Netflix, etc. I don't know how those will actually look on a bigger screen. Maybe they'll make separate apps for it?

The PS4 will not be able run two different applications at the same time they way you're imagining.

So in other words, the PSTV is only mirroring whatever the PS4 is doing? That wouldn't be that great if that's what's really going on.

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Playstation TV is basically just a Vita that can be hooked up to a TV with limits on games it can play.

I'm not familiar with Vitas but if one person is streaming to the Vita, can the other person still use the PS4?

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Does anyone know if the PSTV is going to be something that can be used by itself without a PS4? I understand that it will be able to stream games and movies/tv from a PS4, but it seems like it will also be able to play PS/PS2 and television services (netflix, hulu, etc)...I mean one would have to expect this considering it being labeled "PS TV."

Also interested in finding out if this means someone can being using the PS4 for TV viewing (netflix, hulu, etc) while a person with the Vita is using it for PS4 games or vice versa...and dare I say it, both playing PS4 games simultaneously.

On a side note, a wiki page probably needs to be created soon for this seeing as it is hardware and all, and if it can play games independently which I can't seem to figure out, then it is considered a platform. Just figured this out now, it can play a limited number of Vita games, PS1, PSP, and later this year will be able to use PSNow.

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I was convinced that I would not want an Xbone before E3...but with Shape Up and more importantly, the master chief collection, that idea is quickly fading.

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We need to discuss casting.