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So no one wishes they did something SUPER awesome that they would have been able todo if it weren't for Video Games? Don't get me wrong, I am not bashing gaming or anything but I can't be the only one who thinks this seriously.

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The people who've told me they regret gaming really meant they regretted not doing things they always wanted to do, and instead played video games because it was easier and safer.

So if you feel like there are things you want to be doing but are using video games, TV, etc to avoid getting started, then yeah, you're in for some pain and regret later.

What's the solution? Because not doing something that is an almost daily thing is a lot harder than it sounds.

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I can't believe most people have no regrets about it. Either you all play very little or you are not really considering what the OP is talking about.

Everyday I wonder how much better my life would be if I didn't have the distraction of gaming around. I feel like it has held me back from being the best I could be. I'd probably be a lot happier, more social, more understanding, and in shape. I'd probably even be married with like half a dozen kids...but the slavery of the screen.

I definitely blame gaming as much as myself for that.

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There's nothing left! Chicago is all there is! When you step outside, you insta-die from all that radioactive waste.

Better yet, Chicago is all of Earth, so it just loops back to the east/south side.

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Honestly not many have made me cry. One comes to mind that changed that: Hachi: A Dog's Tale.

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@mb: Well that gives me hope then!

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The real concern here is how optimized this game will be. AC4 runs awful on my PC, which runs most modern games fine, including BF4. Does that mean W_D is going to run as bad for me? I'm not a hundred percent sure because with AC4, it was mostly the rain storms, cannon smoke during boardings, and open seas gameplay that bogged down my system. Running around cities like Havana was smooth sailing however. So I guess there's hope yet since none of this game takes place in the ocean, right? That and there will probably be minimal particle effects?

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Any ideas on motivation? How do you get the willpower to want to lose weight? Don't mean to derail the thread but maybe it will help the OP too.

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If they could afford to put in more production time, then sure. I'm honestly surprised at the amount of negative answers to this question. Not negative as in bad but just simple "no." I understand that the ol' gang didn't start out with reviews in the traditional sense but when they began doing, it just kind of became part of their thing. The lack of video reviews and reviews in general has been somewhat disappointing and worrisome that they may not continue covering video games much longer. But I guess they've put in more than their fair share of time. It was sad to see them break up and the loss of several members during the GameSpot era and it will definitely hurt when Giant Bomb comes to a close. Hopefully some worthy gamers out there will pick up the torch and carry us forward when that happens.