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I've never played a game with, if we're being reductive, stealth mechanics and thought, I really hate MMOs. Like Thief or, I dunno, Far Cry 3. Dark Souls has levels with specific mob placement. Those mobs have cones of vision and can hear. So, naturally, you can pull them. Or you could just run at them and fight a bunch of dudes all at once. Like Thief or, I dunno, Far Cry 3. You can enjoy or hate Dark Souls in spite of your ability to shoot an arrow at a dude and have him be annoyed by the arrow sticking out of his head.

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The pawns completely ruin that game. Primarily due to the way they engage targets. In particular how magic, naturally, has casting time. A pawn will only begin casting when it acquires a target. If it loses that target, for any reason, it will immediately stop casting, find a new target, and begin the painstaking process of casting again. Which is compounded by the fact that they always cast the max level of a spell. Rather than firing off a level 1 of a level 3 spell and dodging, they'd rather stop, hop around like mad, then begin casting anew. Especially exciting if you're reliant on those casters because you're in a room with mobs immune to physical attacks.

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It'll look like the console version, but you could play it at 1080p at 30~ frames per second. I played it on my E8400 and GTX 460. It would certainly slow down from time to time.

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I dunno. I watched that Quick Look and the camera had some pretty stupid framing for Kat. I would prefer that it didn't.

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Nausicaä is Miyazaki's best work.

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I only played once as Engineer, but I didn't see any real reason to use skill points to wear Medium or Heavy Armor. Instead I invested all my points in offensive spells and equipped gear to lower casting cooldown as much as possible. Didn't invest any points in damage mitigation. I played through the first Mass Effect on Veteran since it's the only one in the series that doesn't allow you to immediately pick Insanity difficulty.

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Throw and Lift will incapacitate enemies. Which I think is more useful than the increased damage over time on Warp.

Edit - But, I personally would max Warp before worrying about Pistols or Shotguns.

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I did not care for the way the engine pulls you towards objects to grab onto them. Like if you try to simply fall off of a building. And when I began dabbling with the mission creator in the second title, I became only more incensed. That same issue was breaking many of my ideas. Like a bridge that only appeared when you ran over it. The game would straight up have Cole run backwards even though you were pressing forward.