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I've spent years listening to the Bombcast and being a proud member of this amazing community. And while I never met this man, I feel as if I've lost someone who's been a part of my life. Prayers go out to the family and the Bombcrew, can't imagine what yall are going through.

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hexagons are shit!.....o wait thats not what everyones going to argue about....

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i thought u've said on occasions that you dont like to reload once something pivotal has happened in a game and live with the consequences? is it just the fact that the characterization is good enough that you dont want to lose any of your units?

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He's gone off to Valhalla. RIP Brother

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war of gears

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i find fanboyism to hurt judging a review. i looked at ign's review of uncharted 3 and greg miller gave it a perfect 10. from their podcast, i know hes an avid fan of the series and i find it hard to take that perfect score seriously with someone who is so vocal about loving that series and someone who has such a love for everything playstation and such distain for every other console that doesnt have the sony trademark on it. good job giant bomb for keeping all your reviews grounded and reliable