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Anyone know if the campaign loads your Wings of Liberty save to track the choices you made? In the second mission when you run into Nova, she wouldn't let Raynor go, telling me I made the wrong choice in not helping her with Tosh. The thing is, I did help her kill Tosh in that mission in Wings of Liberty. Did the game just make an arbitrary decision, or did it somehow not load my old save properly? I'm debating whether or not to start the campaign over. Did anyone get a different response in that mission from Nova?

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I assume someone's already done this, but just in case they haven't...

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Anyone know what graphics settings on PC are roughly equivalent to what you'll get on consoles? I'm trying to figure out if my computer is going to look any better (it's not a very fast machine), or if I should just get the game for my PS3.

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Hey all,

I'm struggling over whether I should get this for my PC or for consoles. The quick look made me pretty dubious towards the 360 version, and a bad frame rate is something that always bothers me. Obviously, the PC versions seems like the way to go if you've got a machine that can handle it, but the only computer I have is a bootcamped 2011 Macbook Pro. It's sporting a Radeon 6700m w/ 4gb of ram. I've been playing recent games like X-COM & Darksiders on it no problem, but this seems way more system intensive than those. The hardest I've pushed it was with the Witcher 2, which ran alright at mostly high specs, but it did have some framerate issues (especially during cutscenes).

So basically, my question is do you think my computer will run the game any better than on consoles, or am I going to get a choppy experience regardless, in which case I'd probably go PS3 so I can run it more easily through my TV?

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See the editors note. He said he loved the game, but he thinks the guys at Volition are capable of doing more. Thats not really an unfair statement when you look at the company's history. Freespace 2 is one of the best games ever made. No matter how fun Saints Row The Third is, I don't think anyone would put it in that same category.

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Tactics Ogre has a far better story, with a lot of cool Bioware-esque choices and branching plotlines, but the way your characters level up is a little annoying. Final Fantasy's character building system is almost ludicrously deep, and the graphics are probably a little better (Tactics Ogre originally debuted on the SNES). The actual in-battle strategy is probably just as good either way. For my money, I prefer Tactics Ogre, but an argument could be made either way.

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Guess they're just ahead of the curve.

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the cake is a lie.

it needed to be said.

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1. Just because an ads entertaining doesn't  mean it's not an ad. What appears in the post in question is an ad. Even Mike Fahey (who wrote the article) refers to them as "Kristen Schaal's web ads." Arguing otherwise is a waste of time. 

2. The whole point of a review is that it's unbiased. If a publisher is trying to strong-arm a reviewer into giving a game a positive review that's not a symbiotic relationship. Kane and Lynch mean anything to you? The press shouldn't be dependent on publishers for their info. Thats an inherently flawed system. You don't need a review copy of a game in order to be able to review it.  I as understand it, this is why Giant Bomb does so many live streams the day of release. 
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 @JasonR86: I get it. I'm rarely expecting journalism when it comes to video games.  Regardless, If you're saying that content and ads are essentially the same thing, I'm going to have to strongly disagree. This is a commercial.  We go to these websites/blogs because they're supposed to sift through the crap for us.  I see ads for video games all of the time. Some of them are good; most of them are not. Unless you have something interesting to say about them (this article does not), please don't report commercials as news. 
The need for constant updates often forces websites to prioritize quantity over quality. This is not the way it should be. Thank you Giant Bomb for not falling into this trap.