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I consider Mass Effect to be my favorite gaming franchise of all time, however i feel at a loss regarding how i feel about Mass Effect going forward. The ME3 ending debacle was a little overblown but i won't lie and say that it didn't leave much to be desired. It felt lazy, which was strange to me because everything else leading up to the finale seemed so meticulously plotted with the saves carrying over, the foundation of lore that the game had built in from the original which only built as the series progressed etc. That being said Mass Effect has a great universe to draw from and i am excited to see what Bioware comes up with now that the Sheppard trilogy is complete.

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If this is still on and you are still willing to do this i would be totally interested.

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Looking forward to it.

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@misterpope: This is still my most anticipated game even though there was nothing shown at E3. As a fan of the team's ability to create true atmospheric tension i will be there day one just like the first one.