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You can't enable the console on a console, so no. :D

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fuck facebook.

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I was so excited for the Oculus Rift. It's all gone after reading this. They're gonna turn it into some social bullshit.

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About 20 hours in and around level 75 (had some trouble with the sentinels because I forgot this is a Souls game and there's always another way to handle any situation if you're getting your ass handed to you) in and I'm still having fun, and it seems like I'm gonna be having fun to the end... and then again with a different character.

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Surely for a beginner DaS2 is the way to go, because of all the improvements in UI and streamlined systems. It doesn't have all the bullshit running around that the original Dark Souls had, you won't to worry about some shiny idiot killing your Fire Keeper, because there are no Fire Keepers, the weapon upgrade system is simpler and less obscure, no humanity management bull... overall, from the user experience it's a better thought-out game. Accessibility isn't a bad thing.

As for the animations, I didn't notice anything wrong about them, the game runs pretty smooth on my PS3. It's true that some stuff takes longer, like healing and recovering from being staggered, but that's just how the new game approaches difficulty change. Personally I like Dark Souls 2 better than the original because it's not as confusing and saves you a lot of time. Also, the online aspect is much better than it was. Go with DaS2 first.

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this sure seems like something I will never care about.

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this game has absolutely no momentum.

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I really tried, but did not succeed. The initial hours are pretty fun, but after I managed to get my dudes a decent house the game became pretty pointless. The problem is, I think, when a man is supposed to play virtual house, he wants his very particular shit to be there, if he's gotta decorate. And this particular shit - like transparent Kawai pianos - is not in the game. Also, no killing in the game.

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So I've bought the DLC weapons and armor bundle that includes all free bonus packs... But the items are nowhere to be found. I'm on the PS3 and they're supposed to be in the special deliveries chest, but they're not. I searched the internet for an answer, but the official Amalur forums are down, and everybody seems to be having this problem. For most, redowloading helped. Not for me. Any ideas how to fix it?

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games are for men. men like big boobs and skimpy outfits on CG girls. case closed.