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Anyone remember the Dreamcast controller? It had a screen on it as well (when the memory card was inserted into it). I know for some some games they used it to secretly select play strategies in football or hide your character selection in a fighting game.

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I think a weekly news wrap up video segment similar to how Comic Vine does it would be nice addition. Truthfully i get most of my gaming news from the Bombcast, but a short 5-minute roundup every Thursday or Friday would be great, and you guys can still have a more indepth discussion about the news during the Bombcast.

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XBL: taugehz 
PSN: ztaugeh 
Steam: taugeh 
Mostly use PSN, i'm from South East Asia, so if you are in the region feel free to add me.

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Double Dragon, and i guess Captain N should count as well since it had a few game characters like Mega Man (who looked nothing like the mega man we know).  
Another show that was kind of similar to Captain N was Video Power, had a cartoon segment called Power Team which had several game characters as well.

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Here's my blurry FF8 wallscroll, have cherished it for many years.
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I want a Whiskey Media anonymous insider drama post.

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Two men enter, one man leaves.

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I was quite blown away by it even though there was input lag (living in UK) i think its a great way to check out demos, was even able to run high end graphical games on my netbook. 
I also like the 'rental' prices for a 3-day or 5-day play of a game, which is great for games with short playtimes like Kane and Lynch 2 if you didnt care about the multiplayer or achievements. If they go down the rental route i think it would be great (as long as the servers can keep up).

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I was nervous as well for my first match, played a bit of multiplayer Starcraft casually back in the day with friends. Won some matches and felt quite pleased. I watched the replays and looked at my opponents profile to see if they were experienced in the game or not. 
 I admit watching them play the same as I do (moving the camera around and reaction time, average 50 APM) gave me confidence to play more. Eventually I got a string of defeats, but was able to learn new stuff from the replays. Eventually the nerves went away, and figured it's all good fun.

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Pachter made some good points about games like these.

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