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Alright, if you're gonna attack me personally, let's talk about it.

Jeff's journalistic integrity is out the fucking window when Amplitude is concerned, and before now I don't think that was clear at all. Additionally, not only his HIS integrity in jeopardy, but Alex's and Brad's are also gone.

Instead of objectively talking about the merits of a kickstarter, and the economic realities that harmonix is facing with Kinect, he went on a livestream that was directly funding that kickstarter, and openly threw support towards it, as well as other members of GB tweeting the kickstarter page. In the past, when GB has supported something, they were open about it, they explained what they were doing, and they enjoyed the process.

I don't buy the "this is a private tweet" nonsense, as they're highly visible industry vets who have SWAY with not only major corporate entities, but the larger video gaming community at large. If they tweet to other people? sure, but Jeff's tweet openly addressed his followers.

I have a problem when someone who runs a VIDEO GAME REVIEW SITE(not just in the traditional review format, quicklooks impart the same knowledge reviews have for years), throws open support for funding a kickstarter, and to a larger extent supporting an individual game company. You can support your friends there(which is why Drake going on the show was fine), you can talk about it as "something you've done this weekend" on the podcast(If you're objective about it, say you kicked 20 bucks to something that sounds cool), but now, by going on a livestream, you're directly supporting it, REGARDLESS of what he said on that stream.

Supporting your friends is great, but by going on that livestream, which is directly funding the kickstarter, he loses journalistic integrity.

So go to another website for your Amplitude review if it gets made. Look, I don't want to rag at you because whatever, but it does seem like you are holding these guys to a standard which is unrealistic. People come to Giant Bomb because of the personalities of the crew as much as anything else. Maybe it's not the same for you. Maybe I just don't care because I've yet to come across a single Kickstarter that makes me abandon my "no pre-orders until I know if the game is actually going to be good" policy. But I think you've made a mountain out of a molehill. Jeff phoned a livestream is friends were running. Are you stunned that Alex is saying nice things about his former employer? Where he presumably he still has friends working, eagerly anticipating getting to do a new Amplitude game?

Look, all of this is only a problem if there is no transparency. Because these guys are totally out there and making their feelings clear. They are former colleagues of Greg Kasavin and so, yeah, they are going to be a little bit biased. They've been clear from day one that Alex Navarro worked at Harmonix. And whatever other potential conflicts of interest. So long as Giant Bomb remains transparent about these potential conflicts we as a mature and reasonably intelligent audience can decide how to weigh their opinion on these issues. I don't feel that that steps over any line of propriety. If the frontpage of Giant Bomb was emblazoned with "Kickstart Amplitude" all over the shop then sure, that would be dodgy. But Jeff phoning up a live show? Nah. Jeff Gerstmann is a human being, with likes and dislikes and friends and all that shit. I neither expect nor want him to turn into some sort of personality free automaton. There are other websites for that sort of coverage. I come to Giant Bomb because I know some aspect of Jeff & Vinny & Brad & Patrick & Alex and their gaming tastes and yeah, when to take their view with a pinch of salt. There's not many of those cases to be honest with you.

But maybe I'm just a fanboy.

Thank you. While I think it's unfair of the people in this thread to attack you, and while I completely see where you're coming from in your skepticism here, I think you're taking your thoughts on this matter a bit too far, @jakethesnakeyea. If you get angry at this, then you'd have to get angry at every time they've let Lang come in and show off whatever garbage he's whoring out. Or anytime they have someone on their GDC or E3 live streams. They're entirely allowed to support their friends, especially if it's something they like or agree with. They're not openly promoting the game on the website. Hell, I didn't even know he appeared on their live stream until I scrolled to the bottom of the GB mainpage and saw your post about it.

Like I said, I completely see your point, and I see where you're coming from, but I think it's a little overly dramatic.