Video Game Jeoparty

So I was looking around at what information people have been posting and I had to start thinking. There is a lot of information here, no wait there is a lot of useless information here. Don't get me wrong I love it! but on a serious note who really needs to know how many games have hamburgers :) I started thinking though it would be pretty neat for the guys to take the database this is creating and using it for some pretty neat trivia games. I mean hey when you are watching some Jeoparty they all know some pretty useless information in my mind :)


Plastic instruments and where does it ends?

I am a big fan of Rock Band, and before that Guitar hero, but after reading more about E3 I wonder where it is going to end. I was happy to see that at least development teams are sticking to improving the existing sub set we have, although $300 seems pretty steep. This whole fiasco led me to wonder is this where it all ends? Or is someone going to take this battle to a whole, "lets just make fun of ourselves" layer, and just make some obscure stuff. Something like a plastic triangle for all those friends who want to play and are just too tone deaf or lack the coordination to actual play it.

I just personally hope that this is the last iteration or our current instruments since as much as they could make them better I really don't want to buy them, and like a lot of technology I don't know what I am missing until someone waives something better in front of me.