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[EDIT: you know what, it's not worth it]

fwiw I am sincerely sorry you had that accusation happen to you, but for the love of God man get some perspective about who really is the victim here. You might want to think about how awful the things you are saying sound.

None of this will prevent rape. However, these battles are fought at the cost of innocence. Innocence is precious, and once lost, it's pretty much impossible to regain. This doesn't help anyone, it just propagates the damage that's already been done.

The truth hurts. The truth is, you don't make better people by fighting these tangential battles. You don't prevent future rape from happening. Victims will never regain their innocence this way. It is lost to them forever. Don't take it away from others too. Wittingly or unwittingly. It's not the thing to do.

There likely is really nothing to do, other than taking responsiblity for who you are. It's the only thing that's in anybody's power really.

Dude, Hell no.

That is not even close the truth and you are conflating ignorance for innocence. If a person is old enough to understand what the word "rape" means (which you would need to "get the joke"), I hope to hell that person understands the conceptual implications of the action. If a person doesn't and is otherwise mentally capable, I hope they aren't out in decent society.

And yes awareness and education actually work as well at about any methods we have today at preventing future crimes (at least ones that aren't unacceptably draconian).

Think about the implications what you are advocating for a second, you are suggesting that people remain willfully ignorant of anything bad and that anyone who ever suffers misfortune should also never be allowed to talk about it in public.

Imagine if we extended that mentality to say, unprotected sex. Think STDs might turn into a major problem if people aren't aware of the potential danger? Nope can't talk about AIDS, because that doesn't make the AIDS patient better and gosh it "might propagate the damage".

Or how about Gun Violence? Or how about Depression? Or not wearing a seatbelt in a car? Should our soldiers who suffer PTSD not be allowed to talk about that either (here's a newsflash War is a lot different than Call of Duty)? What about the guy who suffers flashbacks when a chopper flies overhead? He should just suck it up and quit being so irresponsible right?

Frankly your attitude towards people who have suffered physical and mental harm is disgusting, for goodness sake earlier you compared rape survivors to "Jihadists". Do you how crazy that makes you sound? Quit blaming the innocent for your own personal inability to handle the dark truths.

You talk about responsibility and yet here you are advocating the most irresponsible position possible (willful ignorance). Responsibility means taking accountability to educate yourself about life and be a productive member of society. If you are still this bothered by the accusation leveled at you that it's affecting your judgment this badly, maybe you should consider looking into getting some therapy. Because frankly your position is completely nonsensical.

Slag, you just restored some of my faith in this community. I like Giant Bomb, but jeez, some of its members need to grow up and at least try not to be pathetically ignorant.

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But they also sneakily hid in there that Multiplayer will not be free on the PS4.

This. I already have Plus, but seriously - damn.

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It's certainly not the fastest, but it's not terrible either. You can set your PS3 to download something and turn off when it's done (go to the main menu, go all the way to the left, and then choose to turn it off, bizarrely this is the only way to get that option). I'd recommend just doing that when you go to sleep, and it'll be ready by morning.

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Both. It will sync the saves for whatever games you tell it to during the daily 2 hour auto upload period. But everything will be saved onto your HD first, and games will never actually read saves from the cloud, I don't think.

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I think it's pretty cool that you can still play after hitting the level cap, unlike Killzone 3's multiplayer trial, where it just stops letting you online without paying. It will be interesting to see how commonplace this practice becomes next gen.

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I'm interested to see how it plays. Cole was all about shooting dudes with the electric equivalent of shooter staples (he had the grenade lightning, rocket lightning, sniper lightning, etc.), whereas I don't know about this guy. They said he had smoke powers and it maybe looked like teleporting and the Ghost Rider-esque chains would be more prevalent, but who knows. Anyways, should be cool.

I think it's interesting that for both this and Killzone, they've put in a time skip to kind of reset the stories a bit and make them more accessible to new players. Makes me think that they're both new franchises within franchises, so to speak.

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I'm not sure this is quite a smoking gun, as I'm not sure it's illegal by any country's standards. Yes, Fox News is really biased, but they're not alone. There was a study that calculated the number of positive and negative mentions of each party on different news channels, and MSNBC's discrepancy was just as bad as Fox's, though obviously in the other direction.

I'm certainly not saying this is good, but I don't think Fox News is unique in this kind of stuff either.

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@buwchbach: Got it! Thanks!

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Wait, don't the extended endings give just straight up epilogues, some of them from other characters' points of view? I'm all for unreliable narrators as a writing tactic, but I had no idea there were still indoctrination theory folks out there after those.

Even if we aren't supposed to take what happens within the big reaper base literally, the end results seem pretty unambiguous, as they occur from a 3rd person omniscient viewpoint.

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Yeah, that'd be awesome if you still have it! Private message me if you still want to give it away?