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Having reviewed this game for a magazine, I'm pretty gutted they only made these changes now. I was reluctant to review it harshly given it's cool premise and style, alas, it was TOO HARD. Video games these days, I can't keep up....

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So much negativity...

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Thanks for everything Ryan, you really did inspire me to get where I am today. All the best to his friends and family, I can't imagine how tough it must be.

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I never thought I'd say this but... WELL DONE INTERNET

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Same issue here, but windowed full screen still works fine...

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I hope it's not too late, times confuse me in English land.

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I thought the campaign was hella boring, and although there are some epic moments, I have to agree I don't see much of the appeal...

But it got me my gamerpoints!
and you can't beat the multiplayer!
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Actually quite good! Drumming could be fun in A-punk or Blue Orchid. And singing on Kings of Leon.
Excitement mustered, against the odds.