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I added you to my PSN friend list ( PSN: Tama_Ironcobra). Anyone else looking to get more Diablo III friends feel free to add me. I will be starting a new Crusader.

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@steadyingmeat: I had only every dipped my toe into other MMOs like WOW & SWTOR before reluctantly giving FFXIV a try. I had never been anywhere close to endgame content or level cap in any other MMO besides hitting the level cap in DCUO. I play as PLD in FFXIV and I was really terrible at first. I had so many bad groups and people not wanting to deal with a new player. I have also interacted with people who took the time to give me few pointers and that made all the difference in the world. While I still have a lot to learn about the game and MMOs in general, it does get better with practice & research. I'm still pretty terrible at the game in relation to the GB guild. :)

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Gamertag: Tama Ironcobra

I want to fill out my friends list with people from the Giant Bomb community.


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tCobra: 3609-1028-4150

PM me and I will add you too. :)

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GB user: tCobra Gamertag: Tama Ironcobra

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Steam: tCobra

Xbox: Tama Ironcobra

Xbox will be my main platform for now

Time varies NA EST

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Feel free to PM me.

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Battletag: tCobra117#1228

Diffuculty: Normal+

Region: Americas

Class: Monk/Demon Hunter

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@lord_canti said:

games i own that i have tested and work on vita

  • manhunt 2 (sadly)
  • metal gear solid portable ops
  • metal gear solid portable ops +
  • sonic rivals 2
  • persona 3 portable
  • persona 1

games that dont work 100%

  • guilty gear judgement (not fully tested but it seems to not see that there is a memory card)

i have more games to test will update as i progress

-edit- why is metal gear solid portable ops on the does not work list im literally playing it right now on my vita using the second stick for the camera

I can't get my Vita to see the Metal Gear Portable Ops games. I even tried downloading them again. Weird that it worked for you but not for me. I was looking forward to using that second stick for camera.

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@RuneseekerMireille said:

Nope. I just have a really nice case I keep it in.


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