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Well exotics are usually the best weapons of their type (Icebreaker for snipers, Gjallarhorn for rockets, etc.) and exotic armor has the highest possible light level (only armor outside of raid gear that does) and usually has a bonus/more OP perk than the legendary gear. Some exotics are definitely more exciting than others though, and the armor is usually geared for a very specific play style so it's about finding one that works for you.

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As someone who just started playing WoW last year and is still leveling my first character (up to around lvl70) reading about high-level stuff is interesting. About to start Lich King content and dungeons so far have mostly been a cakewalk. I've been playing healer mainly and my experience with dungeons is as long as the tank is solid it's pretty easy to clear them quickly and without wiping. After reading this I'm intrigued by what the Cataclysm dungeons will bring.

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@DrSwank If you're on Xbone feel free to add me. If I'm playing in Destiny and not mid-Raid or strike I'm usually down to join up with people. GT: Harpua418

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I've played a few hours and am enjoying it a lot. I sunk a lot of time into Halo 3 and Reach (never owned an original Xbox) but in the (few) Master Chief Collection games I've been able to get into the lack of sprint has really struck me after playing a lot of Destiny PvP. I agree that they've modernized it a bit while still keeping it feeling Halo. I was feeling really down on the Halo series after 343i's complete botching of MCC, my gripes with Halo 4, and becoming completely addicted to Destiny but after playing the beta I think I'm sold on Halo 5 for the multiplayer at least.

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Probably! I don't know what the demo has but I think the strikes, raid, and PvP (I know, shocking) are the best parts so if you haven't played those yet go for it. The Raid also isn't as intimidating as it may seem - a lot of people pretty much have the Vault of Glass mastered so if you can just set a two hour chunk of time aside one evening and spend 5-15 minutes on the Bungie forums (or DestinyLFG) finding a group (I do it all the time as a lone wolf) it should be pretty doable.

edit: also if the DG contains the expansion pass that's a bit of a steal, like a $95 value. Keep in mind you won't hit the expansion content until at least mid-20s (they've lightened the grind to get there though).

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I also have ordered the DLC on XOne. Lvl 30 titan that will be looking to do the new raid next week, feel free to add me on XBL: Harpua418

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Been playing for a few months (for the first time!), so if any Bombers on the Emerald Dream server want to start a guild/play together shoot me a PM. My highest character is only like 37 though (been trying different races/classes).

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So I essentially never post in the forums even though I've been visiting this site since it was still a blog called "Arrow Pointing Down," but I had been hoping for some new perspectives/some diversity in the hiring so I figure I'll leave my $0.02 here since it seems to be the place to do so. I'll say upfront that I haven't read all the threads/twitter stuff and I know absolutely nothing about the two new arrivals to the crew - I'm sure they are great people, and I have no gripes with them.

I am also sure that there was no intentional racism/sexism involved in the hiring process, but that is what is so insidious about racism and sexism - there will be always be some terrible people with awful views but these forces act on an unintentional, systemic level as well (which is why the "good old boys" still dominate executive positions/board positions/etc in the corporate world even though OF COURSE there is no discrimination in hiring!). For a long time the video game industry catered almost exclusively to adolescent males (much like most mainstream action films) so it's no surprise that publications would choose personalities that cater to this demographic. And there's nothing wrong with catering to adolescent males. However, as the gaming audience has matured and grown more diverse, it is not unreasonable to expect publications to diversify their personalities as well.

I think the timing of the hiring hasn't worked towards GB's favor, for diversity at both the E3 press conferences and the GB after show were rather awful. I don't doubt Patrick's sincerity in his Tumblr post and his commitment to expanding "his rolodex" in the future. It would be a bit hypocritical for him and the rest of the GB staff to criticize diversity in the industry at large while ignoring the lack of diversity at their own company. Hopefully this discussion will help GB avoid issues like this in the future, for the only way to combat entrenched sexism/racism is to actively encourage diverse perspectives.

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Only for system updates that require it. Otherwise sleep mode (OS X).

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...but if anyone wants to play some of this online this summer I'll probably be online. Started a new file today and I think I'm going to put some time into it over the next couple months. Just add me and join my game if you want to race!

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