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I'll be getting it on 360 and PC. I'll play through first on 360 just because I like being able to lay on my bed and play, and controllers feel great to me... but I'll get PC right away so boyfriend can play separately with me.

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I'll probably add some hairstyles later on, but I don't I'll change any actual gameplay.

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Short answer, yes. I'd even recommend adding some memory and getting 64-bit OS.

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Usually 7, but I read the whole review and see why the player did or did not like the game. If it sounds interesting enough to me, I'll buy much lower than 7. I'm not guaranteed to buy a 10 either. My opinion > reviewer's opinion to me.

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Honestly, while most games aren't worth the $60 price tag, I'll gladly play it. I typically get at least 30 hours out of a game, so $2/hr isn't that bad when you think about things like the cost to see a movie.

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I'm very happy about this. Shame I'm working full time now and only get Christmas day off.

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I've always been partial to sticky tac. It seems to be the least intrusive to walls.

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@KurtBrownridge said:


Edit: Finally!

PS - I'm actually interested to see this stuff launch. I might actually use Kinect for dash navigation now.

Yeah, I actually really liked the blades.

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A day before my birthday, even! I'm still parting a PC for this game.

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I've never had the issue, no. My launch day Xbox 360 RRoD'd a week before its three year warranty, though. I was kind of happy about that one.