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A lot of people seem to forget that this website is still a business. As much fun as everyone working for Giant Bomb has, this is still their job, and they need to do what they feel is best for the business. They're all smart people, and I'm sure they wouldn't do this is it wasn't going to work out. And to whoever said management stifles creativity, management also likes money and success, and Giant Bomb has both.

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What I get from this:

Does this mean DA3 might have multiplayer?

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@Mezmero said:
Looks way cooler than I thought she would be, though that repeatable juggle looks cheesy as hell.  Here's hoping they do a good job with Kenshi as well.  I would love to see Cyber Smoke and Shinok made playable.  Blow up the earth once more.  
The first time I played this, Cyber Smoke is exactly what I thought it needed...
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I don't think I'll be preordering this, but prob getting it some point this year. Too excited for BF3. But I really do hope they do more than they did for MW2 in terms of single player. 

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The first person shooter genre probably won't die out. If it does, it won't be anytime soon. One of the facets of video games is that whether all too realistically or not, it puts the player in a situation with extenuating circumstance that they're not always in. Call of Duty, on the other hand, however indomitable it may be now, that cannot go on forever. Even if they keep innovating, someone else with come along with a bigger and better idea, which may even be later this year with BF3.

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Asking for Canada and the US to merge is like asking me to have my hat melt into my skin.

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Thanks for the links! Although I probably won't use the staff for my PC till the 3rd or 4th run-through lol.

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I actually kinda hope so. If it happens, I won't be playing it, but a lot of CoD fanboys and 12 year olds will, which means less idiotic people will still be on Black Ops and CoD4 (I sold MW2 as soon at Black Ops came out).

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126. I need a bigger tv.

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Ummm, prot warriors in WSG....

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