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@mb: Sorry about that! My mistake.

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I would just like to say after the last several bombcast email segments, what with all the Australia griefing, the mad shitter talk, the shit talking between scientists and just the overall hilarity that has arisen, it has really made me miss Ryan. I think all these topics would have filled him with a mad glee and I can only imagine what he would have contributed to this conversation.

Of all the times since his passing, this has been a time where I missed his absence the most.

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Blacksteel Katana + 10, Flame Sword + 10 and Lightning Bow + 10.

Praise the Sun!

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GRACIAS, gents!

Time to soldier on.

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HOLY SHIT! Is that how that happened??

LOL. That is actually hilarious. Thanks, man.

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Ok, so last night I was trucking along and beat the mini boss of the No-Man's Wharf area and just got to the Lost Bastille. I have acquired the ring of binding so I have been spending most of my time hollow. Well, I decided to go human so I used a human effigy and much to my suprise, I was now a MALE CHARACTER?! WTF?

I specifically created a female bandit. Has anyone had this happen and is there any way to change it?

I am perplexed.

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The whole online component needs to be completely overhauled. If they fix this aspect, than I am ok with it. If I have friends that I can reliably summon to play with me, then I'm fine with it. If they actually police griefers and prevent them from just invading and killing me over and over, fine.

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@thdemn: If you have homing soulmass, this is an effective strategy. Equip a shield that blocks 100% physical damage. Concentrate on just the knight on the right. Use the spell on your way up the ramp, then roll to doge the incoming arrows. Once you get to him, lock on, the soulmass will do it's thing and the jackass might just fall off the side. If not, cross your fingers and hit him a couple of times and that should do it.

Best of luck, duder.

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@psylah: That gif is the greatest.