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Oh, hell yes. I have a crew that pretty much only plays the nightfall strikes and the raid's now. I still think the raid's are some of the most satisfying co op experiences that I have had playing games with my friends. Just a lot of fun. Still leveling some guns. I am pretty sure Bloodborne will take me away from playing it as much for now, but I will be back for House of Wolves.

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@mattschwabby: you would be doing yourself a disservice skipping Dark Souls. The whole feel of the game is better from the design of the world to the lore that goes along with it. I played that one first without ever playing Demon's Souls and it is more approachable than you think due to the sheer amount of information online. I really recommend playing it first. My two cents.

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Any of you southern duders going to Pax South in San Antonio next weekend?

Looks like GB's panel will be Friday night and Jeff, Matt Rorie, Drew and Dan will be there holding down the fort. I am excited. This is the first PAX I have attended and it looks to be good times.

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HMMMMM The weekend, let me see:

Friday night: Play Alien: Isolation and drink wkiskey.

Saturday: Go to the shooting range and test out a few firearms. Hang out with family the rest of the day. Play more Alien: Isolation.

Sunday: Wife's family coming in from out of town so gaming will be limited. Try and survive in laws.


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Gamertag is Team Jersey. I have hit up a few people on this list, but have gotten no responses. We have a team of 5 and are looking for a 6th, preferably a titan, for the raid. If anyone here is interested, let me know.


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@cerebus: I also live in East Texas and every social media outlet I tune into has something about this. Yes, I think it is for a good cause and, yes, I am glad it has given ALS better exposure.

Having said that, I do think it gives a lot of people another reason to say LOOK AT ME and that makes it annoying.

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Welcome to GB, Jason and Dan. I support this site and therefore I support you guys.


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I think of Ryan often, especially every TUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEESDAY.

His absence was also strongly felt this year at E3. I felt all the guys did an admirable job, but no one could control a room of drinking, unruly games journalists, programmers and developers better than he could. Ryan, you are missed.

I am at work now, but will be raising a glass later in his memory.